beep beep yay

Thank you all, once again, for your comments and support. I took your advice, I deleted the hateful comment and the post I wrote to let you know about what happened.
I'm not good at keeping things to myself, I learnt a while ago that is very bad for my health. 
I hope you don't mind that the good words you wrote there are gone too.
We are about to move to another house and next week start half term holidays.
I will take a pause from blogging and from other things too, to think about life, the universe and everything ;^) but I still  be visiting your blogs.

I leave you with these two happy friends here, Anita has made a few days ago 
(she's more artist than me although she doesn't have a degree!).

Needless to say, future anonymous hateful comments will be deleted from now on (that doesn't mean I don't accept criticism if it's constructive) the "anonymous good people" out there can sign with their name or use the name/url option (which can be linked to an email account if you don't have a website or a blog).

One of Anita's favourite songs
and one of mine

and check this out ....beep beep beep beep yay!

See you soon.... a bientot .....arrivederci....



My shop has been updated.
I decided to add a "support my crafts button", given what happened recently
I hope to see more of these "support buttons" in many more crafters/artists/ bloggers
shops or blogs.
A big thank you and a hug to all of you that cheered me up today, came here with good intentions and shared a bit of love.


day 3 and 4 and 5

Now that blogger works again (that was weird isn't it?) I can show you what I did on day 3 and 4:
a pair of bloomers with beautiful Nani Iro fabric and a cotton top (which I had to do twice because I didn't use a pattern, stubborn me).
This evening I'm going to be lazy, I will watch a film instead and precisely this one.
Have a nice weekend.
*The shop will be updated next week (hopefully).


day two

On day two (or rather evening) I made a top and a pair of trousers with the gingham fabric left from the dress.
Today I will try to make a skirt and a pattern for a dress, see how it goes.
I quite enjoy the fact that it's a challenge otherwise I wouldn't have done it at this pace...
eeek I must be crazy!

* the fabric I used for the top is Anna Griffin "Fifi&Fido collection" ( I guess this is Fifi).





back to make clouds


can you spot it?

Check this out
this little fella is having a good time in NY!

*foto by Natsumi 



I can't believe is May already, today we are celebrating May Day here in England.

Anita needs new Summer clothes and a new quilt for her bed.I will use some Liberty fabric and Japanese pattern books. She grew up a lot lately and she has upgraded to a "big" bed (of course the cot bed, who became a little bed, was too small for her and she was keep banging her head... poor!).
So, to make this task less solitary, I joined KCWC project (kids clothes week challenge) found through mikodesign.
(The nice basket is from here)

Past KCWC on the Flickr pool

Papier Mache # 7 out now

I quite like Lari Washburn sketchbooks  and designs.