this is me (today)

A while ago I received some awards, I'm so sorry that 
I actually can't remember the people who gave it to me, 
as I received few in a very short time, but that was before
 I was loosing my mind with this last moving!
Hope you understand and perhaps help me to remember 
who gave me what!

7 things about me, since i've already done that, I'll tell you
7 things about the way I dress:
I always wear flat shoes 
I rarely wear make up, and when I do is very basic.
Most of the time I wear trousers, but I do love wear skirts and dresses too, 
especially when it rains.
I'm obsessed with details
I go through colour phases but I never wear red 
My style icon is her in this film especially
I love cardigans.

in this shot my legs look very short, in reality they are ok (damn camera)

I'll pass this award, which now has become 
"Tell me 7 things on how you dress" award to:
Nicole , Fanja, Fliss, if Jane, Karen,Celine,Theo



Why can't we have decent bicycle's lanes in England?



my studio

Light and shadow in my cubicle, I mean, studio.
My desk in no time is full of stuff.
(I just started this group, do you want to play?)




Wiebke and daughter in their beautiful shop
featured in this magazine.
I feel very much honoured that my cloud and
the garland are there too.
Thank you Wiebke 
*photo credit NIDO


snail mail

A while ago I won a give away from Hermine


in the garden

I've been away from this place, now you know why 
I've been planting some heirloom tomatoes, 
peppers, various salads, chamomile and potted some flowers.

My new gardening bible and guru



I couldn't resist to share this blog with you:awesomepeoplehangingouttogether

David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed, 1972


slow time

Hello there : )
I willl be back as soon as I can connect my computer again
(meanwhile check my Pinterest if you like as I will add more stuff there
when my man lend me his laptop)
At the moment is quite chaotic: although I got rid of lots of stuff,
the house we moved in it's so... let's say cosy.
I have to make drastic decisions and de clutter even more!
do I need 5 different tea sets? mmmhhh don't think so...
Aaanyway, I'm sooooo tired but finally happy to be in the new home
(although still renting am afraid).
There are lots of things to do and most importantly lot of gardening to sort it out:
I have a desolate patch of grass to play with and I'm going to grown some stuff in boxes,
watch this space for green stuff.

Hope you are all fine and thank you for your words,
I just read it and publish it now.
Moderation is now off, hopefully back to normal and no more meanies! 
Have a nice weekend
ciao for now