slow time

Hello there : )
I willl be back as soon as I can connect my computer again
(meanwhile check my Pinterest if you like as I will add more stuff there
when my man lend me his laptop)
At the moment is quite chaotic: although I got rid of lots of stuff,
the house we moved in it's so... let's say cosy.
I have to make drastic decisions and de clutter even more!
do I need 5 different tea sets? mmmhhh don't think so...
Aaanyway, I'm sooooo tired but finally happy to be in the new home
(although still renting am afraid).
There are lots of things to do and most importantly lot of gardening to sort it out:
I have a desolate patch of grass to play with and I'm going to grown some stuff in boxes,
watch this space for green stuff.

Hope you are all fine and thank you for your words,
I just read it and publish it now.
Moderation is now off, hopefully back to normal and no more meanies! 
Have a nice weekend
ciao for now


Isabelle said...

good luck with the move ... come back soon !!

Lovely World said...

Glad to hear you are getting settled. Moving is so tiring. I would like an excuse to clean out a bit, though! Take care.

kristina - no penny for them said...

oh, a garden behind your house, how perfect! i've recently seen images of a garden planted in old wine crates, lettuces and herbs etc. looking forward to what you'll do!

take your time settling in. and i'll see you on pinterest... :)

fanja said...

happy settling and gardening Alessandra!

Elisabet said...

Hello, I just found your blog and its beautiful. I love your cute little animals that your create. From what i can read it sounds like something bad happened through the blog but i hope all is good.

Louise said...

Lovely to hear from you again, and hope you enjoy settling in. Shame about the de-cluttering (Oh how I feel your pain!) but they do say that it's good for you... Whoever 'they' is :) x

Kickcan & Conkers said...

Great to hear you're starting to settle in - paring down will do you good (well, it works for me).
Looking forward to seeing some pics soon.

Janis said...

Just want to say hello and happy moving, decluttering, and new green patch to play with... xo

S. said...

Je suis sûre que tu vas faire des merveilles avec ce jardin, bonne installation Alessandra :)

naa said...

It's nice to hear how things are going for you, I know how hard moving can be... I hope your new home will bring you lots of positive energy and happiness!
Oh and I must comfess that I've missed your posts! :) *

naa said...

I mean... confess not with M! :)

Louve said...

Merci pour ta visite Alessandra ! contente de te lire à nouveau ... bon courage pour ton installation ! et bonne semaine ^_^

jane said...

wishing you much happiness in your new home!!
big hugs
p.s. really?... one doesn´t need 5 tea sets?... ;)