this is me (today)

A while ago I received some awards, I'm so sorry that 
I actually can't remember the people who gave it to me, 
as I received few in a very short time, but that was before
 I was loosing my mind with this last moving!
Hope you understand and perhaps help me to remember 
who gave me what!

7 things about me, since i've already done that, I'll tell you
7 things about the way I dress:
I always wear flat shoes 
I rarely wear make up, and when I do is very basic.
Most of the time I wear trousers, but I do love wear skirts and dresses too, 
especially when it rains.
I'm obsessed with details
I go through colour phases but I never wear red 
My style icon is her in this film especially
I love cardigans.

in this shot my legs look very short, in reality they are ok (damn camera)

I'll pass this award, which now has become 
"Tell me 7 things on how you dress" award to:
Nicole , Fanja, Fliss, if Jane, Karen,Celine,Theo


Unknown said...

haha...this list could be me.... I love scarves and all kind of accessories too and cardigans... like I have tons and could not imagine without them...
the only thing, I could wear skirts and dresses all the time...every day :0
have a good week end!

Samantha said...

Oh, your first three points, and your last one, are all me exactly! It's good to find a kindred spirit about these things. :)

Unsurprisingly, I love what you're wearing in that picture.

S. said...

oh hello !
ah j'adore les portraits comme ça et
ta frange te va suuuper bien Alessandra :)

Maria said...

I was one of them:D
Thank you for your answers.And so lovely picture of you♥

Janis said...

What a cutie you are - my kinda girl... Love that collar - the whole ensemble!

I found myself saying "me too, me too.." reading your post. Annie Hall has always been my fashion icon...her and Chaplin :^)
Bon week-end!

christiane said...

...du sprichst mir aus der Seele.
Liebe Grüße

alessandra said...

Oh thank you all
Christiane, I had to use google translate : D thank you so much!

NICOMADE said...

thanks for the tag! you and me both on the granny cardigans - except i go one step further with the grannyism and actually have snacks in my sweater pockets.

C SATHAL said...

Oh quelle belle surprise ! Merci beaucoup Alessandra :))
Je me suis vraiment amusée en lisant ton portrait plein d'humour !! Beaucoup de personnalité aussi ;)
Bon week end

Louise said...

I'm completely with you on the heels, the wet trousers and the cardigans. Good facts to know!

anamarko said...

You look very very lovely :)

Yanyan said...

Thanks for sharing this and lovely to 'meet' you. your words makes me smile. I couldn't live without cardigans myself. I have many (too many) in different color, material, shape... :) Have a nice weekend!

fanja said...

such a nice pic of you! (love your trousers)
i too share the cardi granny style
thanks for the award dear Alessandra, you know how bad i am with awards though.. i'll do my best x

Kylie said...

This is so amazing - I'm the same with every single one of those items! Spooky, huh? All except the make-up - I never wear it either but my 'occasionally' is mascara alone, and only when I absolutely have to ;) Yah for cardigans! You look gorgeous, Alessandra :) Kx

chez-tinoufluffy said...

You don't look like a granny at all, I like your style that goes so well with your creations. Chic et décontracté, bien dans l'air du temps.

Louve said...

Tu as eu un award chez moi ; )
Elle est chouette cette photo de toi !! j'aime beaucoup ton pantalon ...
J'ai 5 points communs avec toi !! je suis une mamie moi aussi qui ne peut se passer de son cardigan : ))
Have a nice week-end too

Unknown said...

thank you for the award!
but you look amazing!!!...i agree with severine as well...;))

Christine said...

hello dear!

alessandra said...

Thank you folks!
A friend of mine pointed out that I have big ears (true, also called Buddha ears) so I reply:
"To listen to you better!" ;^)

Thank you Maria, Severine, and MamzelleT for the awards: this post is dedicated to you!

Anonymous said...

hello mammy.
you are the best mammy in the wolld.
anita and bao

P R I M O E Z A said...

nice! you look a bit like diane keaton too.

fliss said...

Hello there!!

I couldn't live without my cardigans too....loved hearing all your ways of dress and you look gorgeous :) thanks for the award. x

christel said...

Oh! What a pic ! I love : your cardiagan, trousers, blouse and shoes !!!!

Anna said...

Nice look and beautiful beautiful cardigan!
Un beso

Theo said...

I don't know how to give you a literal builders whistle - fju fju. Perhapes. :)

I am digging the "granny" cardigan. I am not saying your one but grannies are cool.

Karen Barbé said...

Acknowledge receipt of this award! Thanks Alessandra! I'll try to post something soon, but I'm afraid I'm quite dull? when it comes to clothing...

Love your long fringe!

at swim-two-birds said...

love your cardigan!
your legs look short but mine really are, I'm under 1,60 :^)

www.finelittleday.com said...

Hi lovely lady, nice to get to know you a bit more. More awards to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, nice to meet you :) and yep, wet jeans in rain is really only nice in romantic movies.