so far

Went to the cinema to watch "Arietty" (liked it but...).

Half started the teepee, made lots of mistakes, first of all: I didn't measure anything,
(must stop to follow my instinct and get more organised, I always say that to myself but then fail miserably).

Today we tested our new canvas tent: we are going camping in about a week for the first time in England and for the first time ever with Anita. We managed to put it in the garden and had an afternoon tea in there, which in Italian is called "merenda" and it's something that Italian kids rarely miss. My favourite merenda when I was a child myself, was bread (the Tuscany type kind of bread) and olive oil, which it was very popular in the 70's... then the 80's came and all the junk with them. Nowadays you get served "pane e olio" in posh Italian restaurants in London as a starter, perhaps accompanied by a rocket salad and some parmesan, but pleeeeease don't put pepper on it! ;^)

See beautiful inspirations on camping (and lifestyle in general) in Artemis blog "Junkaholique".

A book I've read and liked it so much that I'm reading it again : "Revenge of the lawn" .



It is quite hard to accept that human beings are the slowest to evolve.
And we, have the privilege to gather flowers.



No school runs, no uniform, no pack lunch, no stress, no tears and dramas because too tired.
We started the morning building a tee pee, but we had to retreat inside home because of the rain. 
The structure will stay there for the rest of the Summer. Initially I thought  to use an old curtain
and a quilt, but I think I will try to sew a tent for it. 
It's very easy to build up a tee pee without spending a penny or with less than a fiver,
you just need  bamboo sticks, cord, pegs, old sheets, quilt, fabric and a bit of fantasy.
I will show you more when the sun is back....when?


it's raining a lot

Thank you ♥ for the birthday wishes.
Our weekend in few words:
Tate Modern 
(a brilliant film made by children for children with the help of clever grown ups).

The new playground in Bury St Edmunds is environmentally friendly,
children seem much quieter and at ease surrounded by natural elements.
Who needs ugly plastic playgrounds?

the sale is still on until the 31st


little sale

To celebrate my birthday, I have a sale in my shop until the end of July.
Then it will be closed until September.
Thank You.


what happened to summer?

Unsurprisingly, today is cold (this is England you know, but today started with 13C degrees here)
but it's a perfect day to wear my finally finished wrap, that I quietly started last winter.
It's made with recycled wool Rowan Renew in Truck 686, which I have to admit it's very warm (maybe too warm for Summer?) although I was concerned while I was knitting it because a bit stiff but eventually became softer after washing it.
I followed the pattern on Rowan Purelife Autumn 2010.
The shoes are kind of vintage Italians made for a shop I used to work for
I like them so much that I rarely wear them now, because I have the bad habit to wear
my fav shoes until I have holes in the soles.
(Never mind the carpet, which I hate).
Have a good day.


carefree days

the seaside
Lavender fields in Norfolk (not quite Provence)
She's becoming a mini me


botanic garden

A visit to the Botanic Garden
I forgot the names of the flowers though.


on a weekend

A can make her own daisy chains.
Musicians on the street: a sink guitar is what I call thrifty.
I like this people with their own dinghy.
Our car broke down and so we walk.