so far

Went to the cinema to watch "Arietty" (liked it but...).

Half started the teepee, made lots of mistakes, first of all: I didn't measure anything,
(must stop to follow my instinct and get more organised, I always say that to myself but then fail miserably).

Today we tested our new canvas tent: we are going camping in about a week for the first time in England and for the first time ever with Anita. We managed to put it in the garden and had an afternoon tea in there, which in Italian is called "merenda" and it's something that Italian kids rarely miss. My favourite merenda when I was a child myself, was bread (the Tuscany type kind of bread) and olive oil, which it was very popular in the 70's... then the 80's came and all the junk with them. Nowadays you get served "pane e olio" in posh Italian restaurants in London as a starter, perhaps accompanied by a rocket salad and some parmesan, but pleeeeease don't put pepper on it! ;^)

See beautiful inspirations on camping (and lifestyle in general) in Artemis blog "Junkaholique".

A book I've read and liked it so much that I'm reading it again : "Revenge of the lawn" .


Maria said...

So lovely moments you have had there with your little one!And thanks for that tip to you are reading again book-I think I'm going to find it from our liberary.
I wish you beautiful August

mirabellef said...

Je prends le dernier.
J'aime tes petits merenda.

S. said...

Anita va adorer le camping c'est sûr,
ta merenda me donne faim et comme c'est l'heure ici, j'y vais ! ;)
bises et bonnes vacances

Kylie said...

I love these photos Alessandra! What a lovely summer you're having. Hope the camping expedition goes well :) My girls love bread and olive oil with a dash of balsamic vinegar. That book looks interesting - the cover is so cool; so 70s! Have a fun week :) Kx

Neus said...

In Catalonia we do "pa amb oli"- pane e olio, and pepper is no allowed to be there at all! Have a nice time going camping!

Louve said...

Amusez vous bien au camping ! bonnes vacances ! ^.^

P R I M O E Z A said...

have a nice trip. hope you take some pics :)

Christine said...

bon camping (i just adore your tea pot)

Nathalie & Benita said...

this is too adorable! the tea time and the tent! i bet anita just loved it. will you be doing tea time on your camp trip?

Louise said...

Yum. Happy camping!