No school runs, no uniform, no pack lunch, no stress, no tears and dramas because too tired.
We started the morning building a tee pee, but we had to retreat inside home because of the rain. 
The structure will stay there for the rest of the Summer. Initially I thought  to use an old curtain
and a quilt, but I think I will try to sew a tent for it. 
It's very easy to build up a tee pee without spending a penny or with less than a fiver,
you just need  bamboo sticks, cord, pegs, old sheets, quilt, fabric and a bit of fantasy.
I will show you more when the sun is back....when?


evelyne said...

io, il mio tepee lo costruivo sempre dai nonni, tutte le estati! :-)
che bello avere una mamma come te... e un giardino!! :-P

mirabellef said...

oh it will be so nice ! (c'est même déjà très joli :)

S. said...

oh génial ! il est magnifique ce teepee !!
un peu de répit pour les enfants enfin, ils le méritent bien oui,
A. est adorable, toujours en train de dessiner.. ^^
bises et bonnes vacances :)

C SATHAL said...

Chez toi au moins, l'herbe est bien grasse et verte !
Chez moi c'est cactus land, tu connais ;)
Et bravo pour le teepee, je me hâte de le voir fini.
Flower power;) Bises

claude said...

no sun, but lovely pics!
happy week-end!

fanja said...

such a great idea!
I'd never seen that version of Alice by Tove Jansson, it looks good. have a nice weekend Alessandra x

alessandra said...

evelyne, ciao :) come mi sarebbe piaciuto giocare con te nel tee pee dei nonni!

mirabellef, I have big plans for the tee pee ;)

Séverine, oh yes finally a bit of time for us, in the end I was more stressed than her! : )))
thank you, Anita loves to draw.

C SATHAL, : D true, but you can build a tee pee on the beach, a portable one!
peAceandlOve sister :)

claude, merci you are too good! I was thinking that it is time to upgrade to a better camera, this one seems not to focus properly anymore.
happy weekend to you too x

fanja, yes, it is published by Tate and it's very beautiful. You can find it in good bookshop or at the Tate's shops. Thanks x

Janis said...

Looking forward to the sewn-up tee pee - though it already looks cozy with all the soft blankets and book.

p.s. I like the "fantasy" part... imagination it good!

Louve said...

Hi Alessandra ! this tee pee seems fantastic ! and very comfortable for a little sleep in the garden ^_^
Nice holidays with your lovely daughter ! xx

at swim-two-birds said...

your girl is a lucky one!!!

hannna said...

oh nice! all those fabrics look so pretty. and her pants are great! i'm going to make a teepee post too, we have one in the forest since a couple of days. and i have that book too, in finnish.

keetee said...

wish you have a nice sunny day soon,love to see when it finish!

kristina - no penny for them said...

oh, happy and fun times! wishing you some sun...

that teepee looks absolutely stunning, you have so many wonderful textiles. and a. seems to feel right at home in her new garden home!

jokemijn said...

oh! your little girl is so lucky, having her own tee pee! I hope you're having a lot of sunshine.