Went hunting, I found:
1960's leather baby shoes (made in England)
an impeccably hand sewn embroidered silk baby camisole
few cones of natural linen 



Sooo, we went camping and we had a fair share of adventure!
Make yourself comfortable as this post is a bit long.

We went here, which is a wonderful place to experience a bit of wilderness, without having to go too far. This is the forest of wild horses, ponies and reindeer and many other amazing creatures that we never see in our ordinary life.
All was going well until a big and noisy family pitched their several tents and a large gazebo
very closed to us, after a hell of a day and night, I had a nervous breakdown and moved to a more solitary place.
But, it started to rain a lot until our tent was flooded!
It was several years since this county hasn't seen so much rain (by the way the noisy family was flooded too...he he, with an evil grin in my face).
So we moved near the burrow of this poor blind rabbit, which we fed with veggies. 
Anita made some (humans) friends and we managed to relax a bit.
I drank dandelion coffee with rice milk, which I pretend is a nice thing to drink but truly is not! You see, I am on a kind of healthy diet, but after few days of hard camping I gave up, I will eventually start again as long as I get over this dandelion coffee!
The salad was for myself and not for the rabbit.
We also went to the seaside and to the Isle of Wight and after several years of digital I took with me my dear old analogical manual camera and took some pictures, which I can't wait to see and eventually show to you too.
And finally on the last day, my dear friend came to say goodbye to me (actually I was sneakily scoffing a packet of "healthy" crisps when suddenly I sensed a presence! I cried and then realised that few people gathered around to take pictures.... how embarrassing... but I managed to stay calm and even took her a picture.
Aaanyway, now I'll go to make myself a well deserved cup of strong coffee and I will start to catch up with you, lovely folks.


{the Ttowel is a gift from Nathalie}


we are still here

only a bit lazy.
A wears the dress I made for her last Summer.