hello fog!

I woke up this morning looked at the window and saw fog, here we go with endless foggy days (but fog can be beautiful and mysterious too).
Anyway, if you don't like fog, a foggy mind can always find some inspiration from Intelligent Clashing which, luckily, has a magazine now. Clever and good looking that you can use the pages as posters too.
Thank you Rhiannon.

My desk is beginning to look like a working desk, finally.
Today I start my new volunteer job in a very, very nice place. I'll tell you more another time.

Have a good one.



a new camera

my monday started with very burnt toasts for breakfast and cold coffee, 
but never mind.
Last week find is a camera, a Zenit 11
I found it rummaging at the local antique shop for £8 and I decided to buy 
it just to experiment a bit more with film.
It has no lenses and no manual but I'm bidding on them, that's why I burnt 
the bread this morning.


white VS cream

I have a pet hate (well more than one) which is: magnolia or cream walls. Hence, every time we move to a new house (which inevitably in this country has magnolia walls) I, after a couple of months staring at those walls, can't take it any more and so I head to a DIY shop, buy my favourite kind of white and start to paint ONE little room (this time is my studio) and then the white fever spread and I re-paint the whole house white...only that as soon as I finish we eventually move again and I have to re-paint the house with that magnolia colour! How silly is that?

Changing subject, my shop is still closed but if you like you can order my dolls or little clouds (the fabric ones not the wool ones) just contact me via email.
Thank You, Merci.
Now off to finish that blissful white room ;^)


on film

Some photos from the holidays on film or "pellicola" 
(I find the Italian word much intriguing).

Fuji S400
Bournemouth Air Festival
at the beach
Isle of Wight 



I've started to work on new cats and Anita has made hers.
Hers is nicer I think.


for a wedding

Tomorrow I'll go to an informal wedding reception. 
It's a bit special to me because I sing in a choir, the reception is for my master of choir and her partner which also sings in the choir. Not only we will celebrate with them but we will perform for them. 
I have butterflies in my stomach, because although I'm now used to perform in front of a public I know it will get a bit emotional.
A dress to wear with a cashmere cardigan, a vintage bag made in Paris and the shoes I wore for my wedding which are pink of course.
I think that should do.

video from mina perhonen 2011 autumn winter collection


London NW3

We went to Hampstead, it was a beautiful sunny day.
The hill is a great place, one of my favourite in town.