a new camera

my monday started with very burnt toasts for breakfast and cold coffee, 
but never mind.
Last week find is a camera, a Zenit 11
I found it rummaging at the local antique shop for £8 and I decided to buy 
it just to experiment a bit more with film.
It has no lenses and no manual but I'm bidding on them, that's why I burnt 
the bread this morning.


mirabellef said...

quick quick ! :))

fanja said...

nice find! looking forward to seeing the result. doing cold tea this morning too xx

S. said...

oh great photos Alessandra, G. just said 'wow !' too ;)

and these russian cameras... :))

here is the notice, i hope you'll find a lens !


Bichos da Matos said...

I'm having my breakfast now, hard night with the little baby...
Cool camera and so cool your photos from another life:-)

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Ohhh it looks so beautiful! x hivenn

alessandra said...

@ Severine, thank you!

Anita said...

What a beautiful find! I've burnt many a piece of toast bidding on things, so I feel your pain! Hope you have a great week.

C SATHAL said...

Incroyable ! Tu es une vraie pro du skate, les photos sont géniales :)Tu en fais toujours ?
Bon, et pour toutes les belles photos à venir avec ce nouveau russian ZENIT, cela vaut bien un petit déjeuner râté ;)
Bonne semaine.

Lollipop said...


alessandra said...

C SATHAL, at that time there were only 3 or 4 skatergirls in Italy, so I guess with little competion I can call myself a pro, these days more the granny of new generation! thank goodness things are changed now there are many more skatergirls in Italy and not only Betties!
Occasionally I did some skate while I lived in London but mainly I use a scooter now...ahhh sad isn't it? Merci, I hope the russian toy will work just fine!

kristina - no penny for them said...

did you get the lenses and manual you were bidding on...? :)

alessandra said...

Kristina, not yet...using ebay tactics ;) finger crossed.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud to know a cool skatergirl; almoust makes me feel a bit cool too.
When I saw your "pellicola" pictures, I began thinking about dustying off my old Nikon. I looooved that camera so much, and now, poor thing... it's dismissed.
I believe your Zenit will bring us all much joy!

Mary said...

fingers crossed for your lens! :)

thanks for your comments.
i can really see how sicily could get under your skin. we had such a memorable trip there.
do you go back often?

alessandra said...

Merci Sophie :)
Lilli, I was more a nerdy skatergirl than cool, trust me.Ah the Nikon, my next hunt it's for one of those (SLR digital too!)
Mary, sadly no, only on vacation sometimes, my dad left Sicily when he was very young and his family moved to Genova, we often-ish go back there, it's our native town.
I won the lenses and the manual, now I hope not to get disappointed with my purchase (especially the lenses since I can use them with other cameras). thanks :)