London NW3

We went to Hampstead, it was a beautiful sunny day.
The hill is a great place, one of my favourite in town.


S. said...

oh oui ça a l'air très chouette cet endroit :) de l'espace, de l'air..
j'aime beaucoup ta première photo aussi,
bon dimanche Alessandra, bises

Kickcan & Conkers said...

Lovely photos, feel as if I'm there.

Maria said...

I feel like Kickcan and Conkers...So Lovely pictures here!

Louve said...

It seems to be a nice place ... I hope I can go there one day ;-)
Have a nice sunday !

Kylie said...

Oh I love this part of London! We used to live in South Hampstead and went up to NW3 all the time. Happy memories :) Kx