just because

A. wears mushi hat by Barbara Berrada for les zigouis.
Have a nice weekend.



stranger in my home


I made another collage.

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To the copycats (strangers in my home):
it's annoying, it puts me off, it's not nice. 

Ha! as if you care.



I collect teapots, and my curtains are always either too short or too long.
*for Christine


with paper, scissor and glue

A collage I made last night with paper, scissor and glue, perhaps I'm dreaming of Switzerland! :)
"cloud head" a photo by  of iwishiwasacatfish blog


Vermeer's Women Secrets Silence

I'm spending my weekend at home with a huge cold! 
Yesterday I went to see the exhibition "Vermeer's Women Secrets Silence" at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, if you are in the area I highly recommend to go and see it.
Also, the museum has lots of "hidden" gems too, well worth a visit (even more than one if you can).
The exhibition rotates around the famous painting of Vermeer "Lacemaker", there are paintings from other seventeenth-century Dutch painters and it's an insight of the domestic life of women and children in that historical period in the Flanders. It made me think a lot about the role of women in the house (I'm not going to say family life because it's not about family only) and I was left with a question: "how much, really, has changed since then?" I can relate to those women somehow, feeling a connection almost. I can understand the silence and the focus but what puzzles me most is the painter, the man that recorded such intimates scenes. It's indeed a predominantly female world but we can only witness that through the eyes of a man, well, not ordinaries men though ;^)
Hope I didn't bore you with all this gibberish.
Have a nice weekend.


on sunday

My lunch today.
I'm making new things for the shop.
I will also add some vintage items too (again) and if  everything goes as planned it will re-open in about a week.
In the second picture there's a glimpse of what Anita calls "grandpa cat" because it reminds her of my father and of course the she cat has become "grandma cat".
Do you think it's possible that while creating, unconsciously, you make something that resemble to someone that you are thinking of?
Anyway, it makes her laugh so much. 


a temporary linen curtain

A flier found in a gallery
Fine Little Day drawing
Red enamel teapot(now broken) re-purposed as knitting needles holder
A red frame, once belonged to my paternal grand mother
Paint bucket that with water becomes rusty and I think is nice
A temporary linen curtain for a temporary window

I don't know if I love art as I used to love it.

*Update at 17:23 pm GMT:
 I love it more than before.



last camping trip

Friday afternoon I said to my family: "Let's go camping!" and so we did.
This time we went to the Norfolk Coast stunning seaside, so different from what I was used in Italy.
We pitched our tent in a camping site in Stiffkey (a lovely little village with red bricks and flint houses, narrow streets and antiques shops), just above the salt marshes. 
You can adventure there and after a long walk you'll reach the sea. 
In the late afternoon we went to Holkham beach, where you have to do...guess what? a long walk in the mud before you make it to the amazing sandy beach, quite rewarding I say. 
Back to the tent: a barbecue in the dark, star gazing with a cuppa and a nice sleep with concerto for oboes and trombone (lots of snoring people around, the down side of camping even with a bell tent!). 
The next day we went to Blackney and then followed a route to Wiventon Hall tearoom&farm for raspberry picking and dinner "al fresco", where I had the best Summer pudding of my life, sadly no pictures of the pudding.

Wells beach was our final destination, there was such a wonderful light, I took some photos on film, dunno about the result but that is what I love with film.

Sadly, this, was our last camping trip of the year, unless the weather goes completely crazy and give us more sunshine and hot days...mhhh I doubt it.

Talking about film, please, have a look at my contribution at Nancy's: get it on the neg.

it looks like a land of desolation!
but with the high tide all this area is covered in water.

I try not to use plastic, I'll  keep my plasticized tablecloth for ever, see the horror we are creating.

the tomatoes are the heirloom I planted ages ago, they were delicious.

 in the mud.

These are the kind of raspberry we picked and also the ones used for the summer pudding I ate with gusto. Behind the t-room kitchen hens were roaming free, the eggs come from them for the cakes and delicious food served there. This is my ideal way of living: being able to pick up and grow your own food... a dream.

In Wells, another long walk before you reach the sea.