stranger in my home


I made another collage.

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To the copycats (strangers in my home):
it's annoying, it puts me off, it's not nice. 

Ha! as if you care.


Anita said...

Beautiful my dear! Looks so lovely!

Anna Bruun said...

So sweet collage you made! :)

alessandra said...

Thank you Anita.
Hello Anna, tak! :)

mundo chiquinino said...

Lovely collage!!!

Alma said...

This collage is so sweet!

NICOMADE said...

fantastic rabbit pillow case!

Kylie said...

Very cute pillow and I love your collage :)
I'm a big fan of Susan Sontag - her photography book is my favourite :) Kx

Kickcan & Conkers said...

Nice atmosphere here today - love your collages, I feel inspired :)

Unknown said...

Hey, you've got a very nice stranger in your home.
And yes we do love les zigouis, the one & only!

Kaylovesvintage said...

oh the pillows are wonderful...I will get one..thanks for the link
and I love your home
enjoy your sunday

Sansu said...

collages looks beautiful