new scarf

I'm making scarves and other knitted things for the shop.
The old white clouds are here.

jung jung amazing crochet work (via Maria)



tomorrow new old white clouds in the shop.


new doll

Lillibet in the shop.
Have a nice weekend


the winners

Afternoon update: TA-DAM! Anita picked up... 4WINNERS!!! (I couldn't stop her)


If I haven't stopped her she would have kept picking up!
Please  send me your address and tell me (if you haven't done it yet) which print is your favourite.
Ana (thank you for the postcard*)


Victoria and Albert

I was in London yesterday, after I spent a morning in Purgatory (to me, the Italian Consulate) I finally managed to escape from there ( without haven't done all the things I needed to do, because of the inefficient Italian bureaucratic system...not too far from  them) to meet lovely Kerry and Bertie (which is adorable) for the first time at the V&A.
Sadly, we didn't have much time, we also got lost in the huge museum in search of the cafeteria...we definitely have lots in common!:D

"The power of Making" exhibition is quite cutting edge, I will definitely go back with my family.

*The winners of the give-away will be announced tomorrow evening,you still have time to enter, if you like!*


2 years + giveaway

I totally missed la casita birthday! hum...well it's OK, it's never too late!
2 years after the first post, let's have a give-away to celebrate.
"UP" or "on the beach" prints the prizes for 2 winners (one print each winner, just let me know which one you prefer).
So, don't hesitate, leave a comment here (if you tweet or facebook or re-blog about it, it will be counted as double entry).
Ah and THANK YOU: for your support, encouragement, inspirations, nice words, friendship, tips and hints, images, artworks, craftworks, blogs and most of all for the amazing job that many of you do adding beauty to this mad world!
Oki doki now, let's play!

Oh I almost forgot...the winners will be announced WEDNESDAY 24, Anita will do the draw (she doesn't know yet)

Update: If you don't have a blog, play anyway, you can choose the button anonymous (remember to write your name and if you win, send me your email) or you can link your email to your name if you have a goggle account.

Thank you all, for your good wishes and to play here with me ;)

UPDATE 24/11: the game is over :) the winners will be announced later. Now I have to (painstakingly) write down all your names!!!

it started from here 


a lampshade

I've been making lots of stuff lately. I've almost finished to re-decorate the living/dining room.
I had to make space for a piano for A.
I made a DIY project, a lampshade.
For some in-explicable reason there are two lights at a very close distance to each other, but none on the other half of the room were is needed, I bought a long cable and made a a lampshade  with Liberty fabric, it's red, I never do reds, sometimes happens.
I purchased a lampshade kit from Helen Rawlinson , she makes pretty textiles and lampshades, I found  her shop via Kerry.  
I bought it ages ago and then let it in a corner until I knew exactly what I wanted. The idea was to put something on the ceiling to hang the lampshade on top of the table but we realised that the ceiling is made of "cardboard" so we (or he, the husband) wisely decided not to do it. Hence the lamp hang there in a stupid position really. Aaanyway, to make the lampshade was much easier than I thought, it only took a while to tuck the fabric in. What do you think?

I added few more vintage stuff in my shop (I will add more the next week).
Also, I'm working on some new handmade, woollies goodies to be precise. 

There's only one pink cloud left but I'm making some off white ones...let's see the result.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


Hackney London

Good Monday,
we spent the weekend in Hackney (London), were we stayed at friends who just bought a house there.
Really, it makes me (badly) want to move back to London, not only for the London buzz but for the fact that most of our friends live there.
Anyway, they live in a beautiful Victorian Terrace house, with their cat. They are doing lots of DIY to get rid of strata of ugly previous decorations and the result so far is beautiful.
The weather was great and so we walk all day on Sunday, Columbia road is not so far and we spent the morning, browsing the market and shops and eating delicious Italian food in a gastronomia (deli) called "Campania" (highly recommended).
Today I'll paint the living room white, finally :)
Have a nice day. 



Oh hello there,
yesterday I was in London to buy fabrics, wool and some paper (and a long wish list made by Anita: sweets, cards, little toys, anything japanese food and possibly a Totoro doll ;)). This is the kind of shopping I do, when I'm not rummaging through antique/vintage market stalls or thrift shops.
I wasn't in London for that though, but to (finally) meet Leonôr:  we talked non stop, it was super nice!
That's Leonôr (in the pic) looking at the fab window of the Cloth House shop in Soho.
I will see her again in a month time, in fact, I'm quite chuffed to tell you that I've been invited to the Musée du Costume et de la Dentelle for a talk at the Night Opening for the "Handmade" exhibition,  which will be held the 8th of December, more details to come. If you are around and interested would be lovely to see you.

Thank you for stopping by my shop, for your comments, for your emails and thanks to Deborah of Kickcan and Conkers for her post
I'm so glad I started blogging, so many wonderful people and things came with it.


shop update

I haven't being much on your blogs lately,  I've been busy with my webshop:
it's open again, please have a look here.
More items will be added soon.
This time there are also some vintage findings and my prints.

Thank you, hope you like it :)
Goodnite and Good day


in the dark

I don't want to moan about the weather because this weather makes me quite productive:
I have five knitting projects on the go, few crochet ones and some sewing to finish.
I made new pastel pink clouds (although with this light it's hard to show you the real colour).
New cat dolls which I had fun dressing and naming them, the one below is called "Milou".
And yesterday night in my dark, dark studio I made another collage.



We went to Brixton last Sunday, 
we lived there for 6 years, it was intense.

Rock bottom raiser (beautiful video too)


at the seaside

On film, from our last camping trip of the year.


Greys and browns a favourite combination.
I like black but I find that the more I ageing the less I fancy it (it was mainly the colour of my teens years).

Have you seen Morran collection of artworks?

I went for a walk this morning, such a beautiful day, but my friends in the local wool shop are not happy at all.
I must be one of the few crazy knitters who knit even at the seaside with 40C.