Victoria and Albert

I was in London yesterday, after I spent a morning in Purgatory (to me, the Italian Consulate) I finally managed to escape from there ( without haven't done all the things I needed to do, because of the inefficient Italian bureaucratic system...not too far from  them) to meet lovely Kerry and Bertie (which is adorable) for the first time at the V&A.
Sadly, we didn't have much time, we also got lost in the huge museum in search of the cafeteria...we definitely have lots in common!:D

"The power of Making" exhibition is quite cutting edge, I will definitely go back with my family.

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Janis said...

Oh to trip around the V&A, what a treat. London is so loaded with greatness!

Ha! The Italian consulate is the same here in San Francisco - such a bad rep. Though I was thankful I endured to get my dual citizenship, as trying as it was - xo

alessandra said...

Janis yes the V&A is amazing and London is full of great stuff.
HA! (me too) I knew it...I bet any Italian consulate is the same! We are thinking to apply for British citizenship to avoid the purgatory altogether! :^)

Louise said...

I loved this show! I actually thought of you while I was walking round it.

Mon Petit Lapin said...

I've been meaning to see this show, glad to hear you'd recommend it.