last post of the year

We are going to Italy for the holidays.

Deborah Beau has opened her shop, it's full of treasures like her blog.

Good times to you all.

The shop will stay open, orders will be dispatched after the 3rd of January.
I will updated it at some time in January. 
Thank you.


at home

I tried hard but I have no words for this post.
It's been a strange week.
Hope you are enjoying the holidays...
(The doll on the third photo is from Mieke Willems, I bought it for myself at the Atelier Solar Shop 


Brussels + Antwerp

Hello I'm back with a big smile on my face!
The talk went very well it was fun, the exhibition, something you must see if you are in the area (ends the 31st of January 2012) is fantastic: so well curated and full of amazing antique pieces, clothes and embroideries.
I also managed to go to Antwerp and finally met Renilde. to do some shopping at the Atelier SolarShop which I really liked it, not only for the beautiful products they sell but for the fact that the people there are so super nice too. Shame I couldn't stay longer. But still I did most of the things I wanted to do, thanks to Leonor who took me to one of the nicest area in Brussels crammed with beautiful independent shops and here to make the evening even more special for us.

Leonor, the director and the kind staff at the Museum, 
the people who came to listen to us and my friends Gordon and Sonia.

Sorry, the photos are quite snapshots but there was too much to do and very little time to think!
The Lillicup Cafe

with Leonor 
*photo by Leonor

The making of the Xmas window at Boucle D'Or

the Railway station.
Atelier Solarshop


to start the week

Monday starts with a rose flavour 
I have the suspicion that is not quite natural

To knit or to crochet? 

"Like a butterfly in your home" 
came this morning and brought other sweet flavours to this morning.

I'm getting ready to go to Brussels (and possibly to visit Antwerp).
Leonor and I will participate to a talk in occasion of the exhibition
"Handmade" at le  Musée du Costume et de la Dentelle, this Thursday (8/12) from 5.30pm.
Hope to meet you there!


the little apprentice

I've been waiting for this moment since the day the sonographer told me I was expecting a girl! 
She's quite keen and it's nice to have company in my solitary knitting. 
It was the same for me, my mum taught me. I started to knit and crochet when I was around 6 years old and at 7 I was selling my crochet pot holders and doilies to the ladies in the neighbourhood. My mum and I spent a lot of time knitting together, that was my play time with her. Most of the knitting things I know I learnt it from her and from her friends. Knitting is a staple of my life, something I never stopped doing no matter if it was fashionable or not.
Now I can knit without even watch it: the "nonna" of a friend of mine used to knit all day sitting outside in the balcony (in warm weather of course) and looking over us play in the backyard. I'm quite fond of those memories.

black stars white stars  textile surgery project