Knitting is like meditation.

I used merino wool to knit these mittens they are far too warm.
the pattern is from here
But you can find it for free here
The beads are for my next diy project, I saw it here
(follow the link and you'll find the source)

The third pic is because if I had superpowers I would be invisible.



what if

kindness will save the world?

Image Lilli, one of the most talented persons I know.


Thank you Paola


friday finally

The Forest poster from here
Pirum Parum postcard from here 
Little mirror with girl and bubblegum from here 
Have a nice weekend!


let's turn page

My mind is at ease when my hands are working.
Since I'm always making something, my hands are rough 
and my nails a disgrace!
I often get comments from people that suggest me that something
has to be done  for my nails, but I'm crap at manicure and I rather 
spend the money on some material than to go to a beautician!
Lately I've been busy renovating Anita's bedroom: with a tight budget
I just re-painted basically almost everything, even the dolls house
I made for her is now white.
For the walls I used "strong white" from F&B, a very nice greyish 
shade of white that reminds me of the colour of the flour.
In Italy I bought some beautiful linen (made of linen) and that is 
my next project: a quilt for her bed. What are you up to?
Below a hint of what I did.
The sun shines and I feel OK.



Good Monday,
I must say that we've been through a hell of a week. 
Sometimes, I guess, you have to yield to what invests 
you and wait until the storm pass, but not in a passive way! 
In my native town, in the old quarters, there's a square where
 a battle took place and there's a building with a door with a 
tablet on top of it that says :«Frangar non flectar» 
(I break but I don't yield). 
That's a say used by the Genovese people during the battle 
against Pisa (one of the four Sea Republics in Medieval and 
Renaissance times in Italy) meaning that the Genovese have 
rather died than been besieged by the Pisans. I don't know
 why I'm telling this story here but I feel like to start the week 
with this story.

photo 3: my dad (first on the left) in 1941
photo 5: my mum (the girl with the bow)



memories (I came back with) part 2

My grand father was a blacksmith, I never met him.
He made that gate.
My father is very old now, that picture was taken 
on the hills of Genoa called "fasce".
The beginning of the year always starts in blue.


memories (I came back with)

1-2 The seaside is an infinite playground.
3 a clear sky helps to ease the mind.
4 Italy can be epitomized in this shot.
5 Mary Poppins played a big role in my ethical behaviour. 
Glad to see pigeon ladies are still around, although, 
nowadays pigeons are barely starving.