spring is in the air

As the weather is changing, 
the materials I work with change too.



I brought my pelargonium inside during 
the frosty days and look: it's blossoming!




vitamin C

Vitamins are what I need now.
I noticed that in February I long for yellow -orange stuff.
Carrot and sweet potato soup with sunflower and sesame seeds.
Rays of sun around the home.

Renilde made a micro weaved carpet for our dolls house 

Forget the snow, if you have the chance, go and visit the 
Tropical extravaganza


my new pillow

The black&brown smyrna pillow is arrived,
and now it's on our wall above the piano.
Thank you Renilde.

Our living room faces north and it gets very little sunshine, 
but is not dark just has a diffuse light all over.
In the late afternoon we see glimpses of sun on the walls.

Have a good weekend.


keep knitting (and don't complaint)

February started cold but sunny, outside a thin layer of ice cover everything.
It's -3C here today but this house is warm and I can't complaint.

New items in the shop soon. 

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