to be specific

Little bags I made (and designed) for the necklaces.

Some of the orders are on their way between today
and tomorrow, (socks will take few more days) thank you.

Séverine headband on my head.


gorgeous headbands

I'm so excited that Séverine beautifully handcrafted leather 
headbands arrived this morning.

in my shop

images by Severine Laforge


thank you

for visiting my shop and for your support.




I just thought to pop out and say hi!
Thank you for your words and encouragement for my work.
I'm wearing a new necklace which is part of the black series.




almost square

I made these, will be on the shop this wednesday.
I called them 'almost square'.
knots project is slowly taking shape.
Today I'm looping on this


space invaders

I went to London yesterday, 
I saw this exhibition.
I encountered some space invaders
and I finally bought this, here

Happy Mother's Day 



I can finally show you what I was up to lately.
These necklaces are handmade by me and are part of my project called "knots",
I will tell you more about it later on.
They will be on sale in my shop, next update will be the 21st of March.



First signs of Spring.

(I feel a bit guilty I cut that little branch but I couldn't resist).



I made it again, this time I deviated from the original pattern.
I stopped at 4 cables and used smaller knitting needles.
I made it more like a beanie rather than a slouchy.
It fits much better my head and it's pink.

Some changes are on their way but the plan is still foggy, 
that knot is involved somehow.



A little while ago I've got a sunshine award from amazing Renilde!
It seems a tradition that a sunshine award is given on gloomy days. 
So, here's mine in this cold and grey day 
(hey, after all these are the last kicks of winter).
Anyway...a quartz crystal should do :)

favorite color: pink 
favourite animal: I don't have a favourite one, I'm amazed by all
favourite non-alcoholic drink: water
facebook or twitter:I struggle with both
getting or giving presents: both but with meaning

favourite flower: all white flowers
favourite pattern: mid century, liberty flowers, checks
passion: crafts, good food, all forms of art and much more

favourite number: 11

I pass this sunshine (or shall a say crystal ball) to:


work in progress

It's the first time that I write down a pattern. I always worked in an 
intuitive way with crochet and never jot it down on paper any of my projects, 
but I must admit that it feels good and right to do so even if it's taking ages.
It's quite Spring here today and the birds are singing really beautiful songs!