A little while ago I've got a sunshine award from amazing Renilde!
It seems a tradition that a sunshine award is given on gloomy days. 
So, here's mine in this cold and grey day 
(hey, after all these are the last kicks of winter).
Anyway...a quartz crystal should do :)

favorite color: pink 
favourite animal: I don't have a favourite one, I'm amazed by all
favourite non-alcoholic drink: water
facebook or twitter:I struggle with both
getting or giving presents: both but with meaning

favourite flower: all white flowers
favourite pattern: mid century, liberty flowers, checks
passion: crafts, good food, all forms of art and much more

favourite number: 11

I pass this sunshine (or shall a say crystal ball) to:


myssja said...

I like your new casita :)

jane said...

Love learning more about you! :) (i thought i was the only one that struggled with facebook and twitter. :))

Laëtitia said...

All white flowers are my favorite too ! ^_^
Have a lovely week ... L. xx

P R I M O E Z A said...

i relate to your answers. thank you for passing the crystal ball and i really like your new layout.

Papillon said...

Félicitations pour cette toute nouvelle si jolie maison et un grand merci pour la jolie surprise !

fliss said...

Lovely finding out just a little bit more about you.
Thank you for the award. X