space invaders

I went to London yesterday, 
I saw this exhibition.
I encountered some space invaders
and I finally bought this, here

Happy Mother's Day 


mieke willems said...

how nice to be able to go regulary to london!
don't know that bookshop, will check it next time! + always nice to see this space invaders, we actually have the nicest one i ever saw here, in antwerp!

Karen Barbé said...

Love the colours of these invaders!

alessandra said...

mieke willems, i would love to see it (i hope to come back to antwerp before the end of the summer). i know it's good i can go to london easily but few years ago i lived there and it was even better...sigh!

fanja said...

nice invaders. hope you had a good day today xx

Lollipop said...

hi hi!!!
a little game for you at my place if you want to tell us (a looooooot of) secrets.

Maria said...

I read about this bakery from The Helsingin Sanomat some months ago.You have had so lovely day.

fliss said...

Oh! would love to come to London and meet you two beautiful ladies!!! Looks and sounds like a lovely day.
Happy belated Mothers day. X

mieke willems said...

alessandra! i was looking for a photo but couldn't find one. yes, come here and check it yourself!