old style girl

Look what I found in the Antique market.
Wool winding in style.
It works perfectly only need to be adjusted on the table. 
I found the perfect notebook that just does the job.


coffee, cookies and slow time

rainy/sunny day.
I take a pause with cloud cookies, coffee and Slo

10 days to go, help Corey and Sam to realise their project.
I found about it via Ashley 

new vintage in the shop.


the clouds are back

I've been searching for clouds material for ages, 
I wanted to find something special and I did it.
These grey clouds are made with new but vintage 
1940's Welsh blankets, they are so soft and thick.
Available now in the shop.


I have quitted pinterest



Today I had fun styling Renilde's pot holders for "knots".
I cooked quinoa and bulgar, omelette with furikake and 
fromage blanc, spring cabbage and leeks chunky soup.


Update 17.4: the pot holders are sold out, 
thank you for your orders and thank you for visiting my shop,
 wow that was pot holder's fever!


to cherish

A little parcel came all the way from Australia.
Ellie Mai is ready for a picnic.

A thanks you all for the birthday wishes


is 7 the age of reason?

A is 7 today.

A peep in her world 



I choose the colours following my mood.

Update: the necklaces are sold out, will make more, perhaps.


check this

I feel knackered this morning, we had quite few sleep
deprived nights because A is poorly.
I started my day with a good breakfast: 
freshly squeezed orange juice, 
Irish porridge (with lots of seeds) topped 
with red fruits compote and lotus tea. 


a new addition in my shop in my kitchen too 
"Checked" cutting boards from Fine Little Day,