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I feel knackered this morning, we had quite few sleep
deprived nights because A is poorly.
I started my day with a good breakfast: 
freshly squeezed orange juice, 
Irish porridge (with lots of seeds) topped 
with red fruits compote and lotus tea. 


a new addition in my shop in my kitchen too 
"Checked" cutting boards from Fine Little Day,


naa said...

Hi dear! Hugs bugs to you and little Anita... I hope you will soon be well.
Your photos are so lovely, I also love little bags you made for your necklaces and I off course admire Elisabeth's cutting boards... even your napkin is awesome! :)
Too bad we don't have vacations here...

alessandra said...

Hi Ana, thanks :-)

Lo said...

Hope Anita feels better soon.
The board is very cool!
And I LOVE your necklaces and pouches...Where I live now, people would say it's "totally awesome" ;)
Have a great spring break!

Unknown said...

I love everything in those photos, you have a lovely blog, hope Anita feels better very soon, Have a lovely day!.

alessandra said...

Lo, thank you! Write to you soon...x

Hello Mariela, thank you, Anita feels much better :)

Anna said...

I really love this cutting table!!

Kaylovesvintage said...

pretty...looks good in your home