on gardening

Here I am again, the weather is (so) far too good to be true,
 hence I'm out and about and in the garden. Trying to rescue
 this poor neglected rented garden, we digged all around to 
create a border and now I'm planting edible flowers and plants
 that I tend to buy from other people (lots of cottages around 
sell their plants). I also planted seeds directly to the ground after 
I prepared it. I don't use nasty chemicals, all I use is Epsom salt 
and seaweed fertilizer to feed the plants, but if you can make your 
own comfrey is way much better.
My favourite gardener is Alys Fowler. She talks a "gardening language" 
that I understand, also I feel too that a garden should involved all senses 
and be as much edible as possible. 
There are so many ways to have plants without spending a fortune for 
example from an avocado seed you can have a great looking plant. 
To sprout, the seed needs a dark place and warmth, a couple of weeks
 later or a bit more you will see roots, when the stem has few leaves 
then you can plant it in a pot.
Now as my dear neighbour pointed out I'm becoming a British:
going to the garden centre on Sundays, talking about the weather, 
drinking tea with milk.


New potholders from Renilde will be in the shop soon
I'll add few vintage finds too.



I tried hard but I can't give up coffee and sugar, I reduced the daily dose
 to two -good- coffee: one in the morning and one in the early afternoon.
 I only buy fair-trade and organic beans, we drink less so we can afford 
to spend a bit more on quality and I like to sit down for 10 minutes and 
drink it in nice cups. 
I started to collect green crockery a while ago, when I saw this Poole 
celadon coffee set in my friends home last november it became an
 "obsession" and a bit here a bit there: it's building up!
I found this book in a local bookshop, we decided that it's more important
 to support local independent bookshops than to save a couple of pounds 
on-line and give my money to tax avoidance big fat multinationals.


Untitled is the new virtual space where I "collect" things I like, have a peep please.
Enjoy the weekend!



Back to London for the weekend, 
back to spend time with nice friends. 
Remember their home
Meanwhile it has changed a bit.
Leah is their cat and she 
(of course) is the Queen of the house!

This time we saw knitted trees!

I'm working on a project that will be 
held in Hackney, watch this space.
Have a nice week.


nice things

She has grown out of pink, I still like it very much.
It's all about blues and yellows now (I dread the black phase)!
I like to wear sandals and socks.



I don't know if when I lived in Italy I talked about 
the weather as much as I do here in England.
I don't think so, what I remember when I was a kid
 is that the seasons were hmmm more like seasons,
 even the fruits and vegetables were dictated by them: 
the end of the school year meant the season of cherries, 
nectarines and apricots! Today you can get cherries 
all year around, I think is not right really.
Hail, storm, wind, sun, heavy rain, what other atmospheric 
condition shall we expect today? My head feels like an helium 
balloon ready to explode!
Anyway, the socks will be in the shop tomorrow, 
these are like candies.



in search of a cocoon

Yesterday we had a day of sun, not too much,
just enough to pack a picnic and head to 
Thetford Forest. Being there made me realize how 
much I need to be surrounded by trees and nature.

I'm really grateful for your visits and nice words here and your support
What I don't like is :

People who download all the pictures of my clouds
(as happened two days ago) in my blog.

Anonymous comments who criticize extensively my work.
Anonymous person: if you don't like my work or my blog 
why you take the time to browse here and even leave 
a comment? 
Do something useful instead.

Please crafters, don't come here telling me that my designs will be 
your next project on your list of things to make. I put all into the things 
I make (and money, which are tight for me too). 
If you really have to make something out of my works 
(which are NOT craft projects for free) please, at least don't tell me. 

Pinterest folks, why you put other people (hard) work in DIY folders 
that you share in public? it doesn't make you look like reliable crafters or bloggers,
just hen thieves.



Hello, I just wanted to show you how big 
Renilde's mobiles are!  
It took me 2 hours to get a decent selfportrait.
Fuzzy image, poor light.



More mobiles from AtSwim-Two-Birds from this friday at knots.


Oxford and thoughts

These cold and rainy days are so uninspiring and boring,
 I think I reached the point when I have enough:
 it's not so much about the rain, it's the cold that bother me.

On the weekend though it was sunny and we went to 
I like Oxford, quite international.

On another hand this morning I read a post on Pikaland 
that then led me to more links, I find it interesting. 
I don't know if it's because I'm European but I live the 
whole blogging experience quite differently: I know that 
behind blogs there are human beings, hence daily life 
and all the different problems that arise from it. 
I think it's interesting that people feel the need 
to share the other side of their lives. 
Are we alienating ourselves by blogging about nice stuff?

I never take for granted that what people share in their blogs 
is the whole reality of a person's life. Do you?




A new addition in the shop:
Kinfolk magazine.

The shop has a new look, do you like it?
Have a good day, find your way to slow down a bit.