in search of a cocoon

Yesterday we had a day of sun, not too much,
just enough to pack a picnic and head to 
Thetford Forest. Being there made me realize how 
much I need to be surrounded by trees and nature.

I'm really grateful for your visits and nice words here and your support
What I don't like is :

People who download all the pictures of my clouds
(as happened two days ago) in my blog.

Anonymous comments who criticize extensively my work.
Anonymous person: if you don't like my work or my blog 
why you take the time to browse here and even leave 
a comment? 
Do something useful instead.

Please crafters, don't come here telling me that my designs will be 
your next project on your list of things to make. I put all into the things 
I make (and money, which are tight for me too). 
If you really have to make something out of my works 
(which are NOT craft projects for free) please, at least don't tell me. 

Pinterest folks, why you put other people (hard) work in DIY folders 
that you share in public? it doesn't make you look like reliable crafters or bloggers,
just hen thieves.


fanja said...

cool den! the smell must have been great indeed.
have a nice day Al xx

Lilli said...

Hm, people, they never stop to surprise me. Good for you not to accept the theft, although it may not help much.

Tree huts on the other hand, they never disappoint. We should put more trust into trees, I suppose.

Big hug from me, friend and thankful customer).

alessandra said...

Thank you Fanja :-)

Lilli, and I'm grateful for people like you and the trees.

Anna Emilia said...

That is maybe the greenest (and needle-st) den that I saw, very beautiful. Wishing to find one here too. Maybe I must gather the neighbor kids and build one.

Luckily your work is so much more precious than just copy-and-paste.

Windy, but sunny greetings, with scents of mandarin green tea!

alessandra said...

Thank you Anna Emilia, I close my eyes and feel that mandarin green tea scent! x

Séverine said...

j'aime lire ça de bon (lundi) matin, Alessandra :)
l'odeur devait être incroyable oui dans cette hutte (je suis très très sensible aux odeurs depuis que je passe de longs hiver dans la neige qui ne sent rien..)
bonne journée et bonne semaine, bises

alessandra said...

Severine, I know...what else can I do? Monday started in that way :-)

Janis said...

Hooray for nature...
I wish you and I could have a conversation about your concerns and frustrations, I have the same ones. Have you noticed how I've limited my artwork online? I'm trying to figure out how to show artwork without feeling ripped-off (my sachets were used as a DIY on a design blog)... I get your rant completely.

If you ever want to discuss it, feel free to email me.

Here's to healing forests and nature.. xo

matilda said...

your work is a great inspiration, but you are the only one who can make Casita's Clouds!
thanks for trees photos, magical.

have a nice week...and never, never, never forget that people are like sheeps;)

Maria said...

You are so great women!It is joy to see your hand works here.I love them.

M*L said...

Cela me rappelle la forêt de Cèdres , près d' Aix en Provence

Anonymous said...

I have people coming in my shop to literally dissect my bags. People from those countries that have an habit of stealing...at least I can catch them on time! I'm having second thoughts on pinterest too, but I still like it too much to leave it.

alessandra said...

Janis, yep I've noticed. For me speak out works. Anytime a good old rant with you :)

Ahh Bobbi, at least you can kick their arses! :D

Thqank you all, my day went from bad to worse but you always give me hope in human nature.

Anonymous said...

oh I like the nature so much to. I just came to my parents place yesterday and enjoy it so much, the sound of nature around me.
i am so sorry to hear about how unfair people treat your space here and your work.

Laëtitia said...

What a nice place ... I love trees ... I can't stop watching them when I'm walking around ...

Anonymous said...
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