A new addition in the shop:
Kinfolk magazine.

The shop has a new look, do you like it?
Have a good day, find your way to slow down a bit.


Séverine said...

très jolie vitrine Alessandra :)

WSAKE said...

your shop is lovely!!! do you ship kinfolk to germany, too?

naa said...

oh I love kinfolk magazine, I have volume one but then the postage was to much and I didn't buy a second volume... it's so nice to see it in your shop... maybe I will buy a third one from you although I better not. :)) you know how it is with money these days... hm... but it is very tempting though. :)
Your shop looks lovely! I like all the "knots", the Midwinter tea plate is also very nice (I haven't seen it in your shop since now).
I wish you a wonderful May dear Alessandra!*

Unknown said...

Very nice your new shop. As wsake, would know if you ship the magazine to germany?

alessandra said...

Severine, merci x
WSake and the girlinthebox, yes I do.
naa, :D thanks dear. To be fair shipping was really high for me too, but I think it's well worth it to help to distribute such a great publication. Not only the photos are stunning but the words in it are very inspirational, there's certainly something to learn from the guys at Kinfolk!

Unknown said...

This new shop design is lovely!
Your handmade socks are still my favorite.