I tried hard but I can't give up coffee and sugar, I reduced the daily dose
 to two -good- coffee: one in the morning and one in the early afternoon.
 I only buy fair-trade and organic beans, we drink less so we can afford 
to spend a bit more on quality and I like to sit down for 10 minutes and 
drink it in nice cups. 
I started to collect green crockery a while ago, when I saw this Poole 
celadon coffee set in my friends home last november it became an
 "obsession" and a bit here a bit there: it's building up!
I found this book in a local bookshop, we decided that it's more important
 to support local independent bookshops than to save a couple of pounds 
on-line and give my money to tax avoidance big fat multinationals.


Untitled is the new virtual space where I "collect" things I like, have a peep please.
Enjoy the weekend!


Patrice A. said...

beautiful post!
and as I am, like you
fond of green and greenish
I love the first image
of your Untitled:
that beautiful crochet work
of Renilde

happy weekend!

steffi said...

this coffee set is SO pretty. I only drink tea, but I just bought a nice and rather expensive set, which I find very pretty and drinking is much more fun now! :)

Maria said...

You made me smile.Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend!

Trula said...

I would love to spend 10 min in your first foto. I completely agree with the choices you describe - to me, it is often the filling things with meaning, which takes time and effort, rather than amassing empty shells. Looking at your blog always inspires me to continue on that path.

Laëtitia said...

Exactly the same for us ... less things but best quality ... and I prefer buy in independant shop or handcraft shop ... no more overconsumption ;-)
The same for food ...
This book seems to be very interesting ! love those old pics ...

Séverine said...

i can hardly buy a book online, in fact i realize i never did
i agree with the question of choices and local economy and i liked to see what my new environment brought me each time i moved
now black coffee time for me too, have a good day Alessandra :)

fanja said...

this book looks appealing. it makes sense to support local shops whenever you can.
have a nice weekend x

WSAKE said...

looks like a lovely obsession you got there! enjoy your coffee from those beautiful green cups!

Unknown said...

I totally agree with you that it is better to buy less but good quality. An independent co-operative bookshop has just opened in our town - we have shares and so all our books come from there. You hit the nail on the head to say that it is better to buy fewer books but that they are all read.

Love your coffee pot too. x

P R I M O E Z A said...

it's nice to hear about your choices and rituals. and exciting to find new additions to a collection.

Janis said...

I'm so into celadon...well, and coffee too :) Love that set!

Louise said...

This is an excellent post! I completely agree, and your green things are lovely. Amazon is a tyrant.

angelica said...

that set is gorgeous. i only buy books locally. dont know why but there is something about discovering a book at your local bookshop shelf!