on gardening

Here I am again, the weather is (so) far too good to be true,
 hence I'm out and about and in the garden. Trying to rescue
 this poor neglected rented garden, we digged all around to 
create a border and now I'm planting edible flowers and plants
 that I tend to buy from other people (lots of cottages around 
sell their plants). I also planted seeds directly to the ground after 
I prepared it. I don't use nasty chemicals, all I use is Epsom salt 
and seaweed fertilizer to feed the plants, but if you can make your 
own comfrey is way much better.
My favourite gardener is Alys Fowler. She talks a "gardening language" 
that I understand, also I feel too that a garden should involved all senses 
and be as much edible as possible. 
There are so many ways to have plants without spending a fortune for 
example from an avocado seed you can have a great looking plant. 
To sprout, the seed needs a dark place and warmth, a couple of weeks
 later or a bit more you will see roots, when the stem has few leaves 
then you can plant it in a pot.
Now as my dear neighbour pointed out I'm becoming a British:
going to the garden centre on Sundays, talking about the weather, 
drinking tea with milk.


New potholders from Renilde will be in the shop soon
I'll add few vintage finds too.


Kylie said...

Gardening is the universal unifier, isn't it? I remember confessing to a friend once that I had trouble talking to new people and she said 'You can talk to anyone about gardening!' I've never forgotten it and it has got me out of a couple of awkward silence moments! ;) Those potholders of Renilde's are just divine... thanks for showing the photo :) Kx

Papillon said...

Tes jolis "napperons" et cette théière ! hummmm.....

Janis said...

Garden centre, weather, and tea... sounds like a good life to me. Let's all be a little British!

Arctic Mum said...

I have garden plans too, will be planting some salad and other vegetables that can actually grow in the Arctic. Hopefully that is!

km said...

que geniales las fotos! x

Maria said...

So lovely here again

at swim-two-birds said...

Alys fowler is my favourite too!
hope to see your garden one time :)

NICOMADE said...

i recently learned that TDF stands for To Die For. let me use it in a sentence... those potholders are TDF.

Laëtitia said...

Thank you (again and again) so much for this lovely pic Alessandra ! ^.^
I don't have garden anymore (the choice between the garden or being close to the beach) but I have plenty of pots ! I love the avocado plants, two seeds in preparation here too ... gardening is so peaceful ... have a nice week-end !

naa said...

Avocados are on several blogs these days... it makes me wanna grow one too... :)
Your photos are so pretty... the breakfast ones as well so I don't mind looking at them at all...
Greetings from Slovenia!*

Lilli said...

Garden and tea, you could have been Scandinavian as well, I suppose. Planting seeds from random fruits and vegetables is always more fun, I never know what to expect.
Love your couch, and your breakfast!

alessandra said...

Kylie, your friend is soo right! :D here is all about the weather and the garden/allotment :-)
Arctic Mum, arctic gardening sounds challenging and cool!
at swim-two-birds, you will! :D
Nico, I didn't know that, there's always something new to learn! thanks x

Thank you all and good luck with your gardening whenever it is.

Unknown said...

i love visiting your blog...always so inspiring and lovely!!!!!!

fliss said...

Ah! I have not gardened for a year now and miss it so much. Will get my self back into it no doubt really soon and when i do i will be sure to look up Alys Fowler. We garden without chemicals too and used to have an abundant amount of comfrey in our garden and sometimes make the tea for the plants!.
Enjoy your lovely weather.X

Louise said...

Shame the weather's turned on you! (How can we not speak of it always and constantly? It's so hard to keep up with...) xx

steffi said...

what a cute cup!!

Suzy said...

Thanks for the links on Alys Fowler.
I searched about her on youtube and ordered the book 'the edible garden' immediately in dutch. It arrived in the mail yesterday and I was not let down, it is simply superb. Totaly my style. So thank you very much for the tip! By the way, you have a beautiful blog, I love to read it and look at it. I wish you a less dull end of the week :-)

emma brown trithart said...

Haha, that avocado seed in that little pot is just darling. I have a little bit of a black thumb, sadly, but I want to get better! The idea of finding a natural fertilizer is a great idea - and so is sitting down with some tea! Maybe I'll make some now...

alessandra said...

Thanks ladies!
Louise , true!

Suzy, thanks, I think gardening shouldn't be a complicated affair with crazy or stiff rules.
I tend to look for books and people who have the same approach in life as me (which is) "whatever you do, keep it simple and honest!".

Emma, give it a try, I don't believe anyone has a black thumb! with plants it's about balance (as with everything I guess):-)

bellefleurdelis lotte said...

love alys fowler books, i have those two as well. my avaocado is growing so good, and my second one is growing good to, he is a bit slower but he is getting more leaves. my third pit is in the water at this moment : )
your pictures, have a good evening.