Oxford and thoughts

These cold and rainy days are so uninspiring and boring,
 I think I reached the point when I have enough:
 it's not so much about the rain, it's the cold that bother me.

On the weekend though it was sunny and we went to 
I like Oxford, quite international.

On another hand this morning I read a post on Pikaland 
that then led me to more links, I find it interesting. 
I don't know if it's because I'm European but I live the 
whole blogging experience quite differently: I know that 
behind blogs there are human beings, hence daily life 
and all the different problems that arise from it. 
I think it's interesting that people feel the need 
to share the other side of their lives. 
Are we alienating ourselves by blogging about nice stuff?

I never take for granted that what people share in their blogs 
is the whole reality of a person's life. Do you?



Unknown said...

I was in Oxford too this weekend, visiting my daughter who started studying there in September. All those worries are so familiar to me and I have spent her lifetime worrying and thinking about the way I have raised her. However when I visit her now I can see that she is a fine adult, funny, responsible, thoughtful, considerate and brilliant. Because of us, despite us, she is herself and I love that. I will continue to worry (money, health, career, love are all looming) but the thing is that there is always love and pride. The very thought of her will always make me smile x

alessandra said...

Karen, studying in Oxford is quite an achievement, congrats to you and your daughter! thanks for your words here :-)

matilda said...

Alessandra come here, sunny, just the right temperature, lovely sea and niiiice people!

mi piace la tua Oxford!

alessandra said...

Ahhhh Matilda, if I could I would...
I spent half of my life in a Mediterranean seaside town, I dunno why I've been spending the other half in places with miserable weather and grumpy faces! : Thanks, we might going to camping in your area someday! x

Arctic Mum said...

I saw the same links, and thought excactly the same as you. I found it a little bit superficial, even though it's an attempt to "normalize" the bloggers..But admitting to eating cake dough for instance, isn't excactly giving a lot of your insecurities/worries/weaknesses..But I understand that there are real people behind all blogs, and everyone's got troubles of their own. Some blogs are less or more supeerficial, I like to read a mix of both (depends on my mood). I worry about raising daughters too, and recently the conflict between girls have started in school. Inevitable...

alessandra said...

Arctic mum, thanks, don't even get me started on girls conflicts I had to go to the police this year because a mum in the playground school attacked me ( not only verbally) .....long sad story....

Séverine said...

i believe we always say more than we think in the blogs,
there is what is said between the lines too (even with 'nice stuff')

for your daughter, I understand you very well, I have the same concerns, they are both very young and they need to be guided a lot

i like the Logic lane :)
and your hands, aw, sweet and strong at the same time

last thing : it's raining again here too !!

bises, S.

alessandra said...

Severine, yes we say a lot to those who are listening...LogicLane is the only way to me ;)
Thanks x

fanja said...

hi, i agree with Séverine, a lot can be told by reading between the lines. Less is more as fas as i'm concerned
(you can also tell a lot about a quiet blog!)
At the end of the day most of us share the same anxieties.
and you may be right, it might be a European sensitivity.
hope you enjoyed the ray of sunshine today x

Louise said...

Very interesting, I often think about this, and wonder at the impression I give through my blog. But then, I really just think of it as a collection of nice pictures for myself really, so I don't need to put my worries on there, I speak and think in everyday real life!

I liked reading your list of things that concern you, it's a very good list, it's the list of the kind of person I like!

Janis said...

I like how fanja expressed it. Things don't always need to be spelled out to get a sense of what the author is feeling. And I like what you said about keeping it real. It's detectable amazingly when it is not. Excellent post Alessandra. X

alessandra said...

Fanja, you are right, less is more.
I did enjoy the bit of sunshine yesterday, sure!

Louise, exactly, for me blogging is part of real life, it's nothing surreal or fake, it's part of who I am not who I am. Thank you x

Thanks Janis :)

At the end of the day everyone chose what to blog about it, I don't think anyone need directions on how to blog. Those who want to follow the trends, well, just follow it if it makes feel better. I have the impression that sometimes groups of bloggers try to be the leaders of something: well, that is not for me really, I tend to ride free ;)