garden, Kinfolk and quilt

Hi there,
I just received Kinfolk vol 4, reading it is such a beautiful way to relax!
It's already in my shop for pre-orders.
This year I didn't dare to grow any veggies, 
the weather is so unpredictable, but I have 
few herbs which are doing nicely. I bought 
few scented plants too, like pink carnations 
(the plant looks wonky but the smell is amazing)
and curry plant. I'd like to make a corner of 
scented plants, we bought a cheap and cheerful
swing bench which I hope with new fabric will look 
not cheap and cheerful anymore, 
I will put the scented plants nearby.
I also have a shady corner, any hints of which 
plants do their best in a walled sad corner?
The quilt is an antique find, made out of cuttings 
from old wool suits and coats, it's all hand stitched 
and I have no idea who, when and why did it!


on weather again and nonsense

Let me tell you the weather here is dreadful, I feel quite edgy because of it!
Oh summer where are thou? Not in UK for sure! ;^)

Cocon  jade branch on my wall.
Necklace from Eddy and Edwina.
A 1930's silk duvet found last week in an antique market, will be in the shop soon, alongside few pink items.

Anita's clothes (she's wearing today). 
I'm glad I still manage to dress her in a way
 I like because she let me do so, she likes my style, she said. 
But I want to tell you about how difficult is to live in a place 
where people judge you because you do things in a different way. 
I struggle to understand what is wrong to cook from scratch, 
to buy from smaller independent supermarkets or in the market, 
to dress my daughter in nice comfy clothes rather than acrylic stuff,  
to try to control the quantity of junk food she otherwise would eat 
because everybody do so, to watch out the amount of time she 
waste in front of the tv and computer games, to battle day in day 
out on why she doesn't own a wii, or a whatever device to play games 
like -apparently- all her class mates and friends (what's wrong with a 
computer? is not enough?), on why she should be judge as a different 
kid only because after school she's engaged in things such learning to 
play an instrument, play some sports and so on. 
A couple of weeks ago I put in her lunch box home made cookies and 
guess what? she came home and she said to me: "mum, your biscuits 
are really good but I don't want to bring them to school any more". 
Why? Because she was told they were disgusting and your mum should 
buy biscuits from the supermarket like every normal person, as industrial 
cookies are far better than home made ones. Not to mention that a 
friend of hers came to play one day and told me that my cupcakes 
were poo-cakes! But mind you, her mum one day said to me that I 
was crazy to make "cakes" with spinach (an Italian version of a quiche) 
and outrageous to offer it to kids! :D
OK, it's official: we are from Mars!


An interesting documentary


44 soon

I know I'm a bit behind but I decided to play along 
after I read this post at Fine Little Day's.
So hello, good Monday and this is me half an hour 
ago  no make up, messy hair, big Mediterranean eye 
brows and a tired face already! D took 
the pic, usually I don't allow him to snap portraits 
of myself because he never get it right! 

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shop update

New items in the shop
I was waiting for Renilde's mobiles ;^)
Thank you and have a nice weekend!


still here

I'm trying to update the shop,
but it's taking a while,
not ready yet.