garden, Kinfolk and quilt

Hi there,
I just received Kinfolk vol 4, reading it is such a beautiful way to relax!
It's already in my shop for pre-orders.
This year I didn't dare to grow any veggies, 
the weather is so unpredictable, but I have 
few herbs which are doing nicely. I bought 
few scented plants too, like pink carnations 
(the plant looks wonky but the smell is amazing)
and curry plant. I'd like to make a corner of 
scented plants, we bought a cheap and cheerful
swing bench which I hope with new fabric will look 
not cheap and cheerful anymore, 
I will put the scented plants nearby.
I also have a shady corner, any hints of which 
plants do their best in a walled sad corner?
The quilt is an antique find, made out of cuttings 
from old wool suits and coats, it's all hand stitched 
and I have no idea who, when and why did it!


fanja said...

that quilt, what a find! it's so big as well.

alessandra said...

thanks fanja, yes quite a lucky find, it is big, so full of details too. :-)

Maria said...

Such a lovely place to sit and have some naps...

WSAKE said...

the same little geranium lives on my patio, too!

can´t wait for the new Kinfolk...

at swim-two-birds said...

What a find alessandra!!! love it :)
you can try parsley for your shady corner.

alessandra said...

Thank you Maria x

alessandra said...

Isn't it a great little plant?
Once again Kinfolk is quite inspirational, great new issue :-)

alessandra said...

Renilde, thank you, the corner is quite big and I thought I should plant a shrub, someone told me Fatsia Japonica are quite good plant for shady corners.
Yes that quilt is amazing, will post more about it...

Mulot B. said...

Que cet esprit et les couleurs sont belles :)

Kaylovesvintage said...

can I come for coffee