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Hello there, hope you are all doing fine, I'm working non stop lately.
I also gave up... hmmm sorry, joined Instagram.  It's quite fun, but I still prefer blogs: I find Instagram too much, too quick and too a bit the same perhaps? I've seen already so many blogs asking if Instagram will take over blogs, I hope not, I find the two things different somehow.
Anyway, said so ;) here an "instagrammed" pic of a quilt I'm working on: it has no pattern, no much measurements taken, it's quite "free flowing" really and I'm enjoying it so much in this way (free of constrictions, and rules). I developed an "allergy" to rules in whatever art (applied or not) after years of -rigid- academic studies in art and painting. My first two years of drawing, in art school, were spent making lines :horizontally, vertically and diagonally.
Anyway...tomorrow I'm going to London to get some fabric to finish it, meet Fanja and a couple of other friends (who are actually the lovely couple that will host the pop up).
It's sunny here and I feel happy and stressed at the same time! :D
Happy friday! 

PS: thank you all for the warm response to the interviews! more to come x

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Fanja Ralison of Le Train Fantôme interview

Who are you? 
Hello, I'm Fanja. I was born in France from Madagascan parents and now I live in the English countryside with my partner and our two boys. Working around the characters I have created is what I mostly do whenever I have time to. 
Describe yourself in three words. 
Open-minded, ex-smoker, quiet.
As a child you were?  
Quiet and dreamy, I loved reading and making things, enjoyed the speed of roller skating, had fun playing records with my brother and sister and do crazy dances.
When you wake up in the morning...? 
On a school day, mornings are always a rush and I'm lucky if I can even get a cup of tea. Part of the morning routine is to check the weather forecast before leaving the house.
When you go to sleep...?
I often think I should have gone to bed earlier.
What inspire you?
Inspirations always come unexpectedly, usually a detail that has struck the eyes and that you can't help thinking about.
Your home is? 
Small and full of imperfections but cosy. I like coming back home.
Tell me about your working space.
My working space is all over the place at home. My sewing space is a little corner niched in the kitchen area, it is a nice area filled by lots of natural light and near a big window. I also work on the kitchen table facing another window. Close by is a bureau where the laptop stands, it is good the laptop is out of reach when I do some sewing work so I don't find myself getting distracted by it.
What's your dream? 
Travelling to places I've never been.
The oddest or funny thing you ever did? 
Things I do are usually more embarrassing than funny to me, playing air guitar on stage in a London club many years ago was one of them.
Thank you Fanja.

In occasion of Knots Collective not only you'll find Fanja creations and a selection of vintage pieces hand picked by her, you will also find Fanja in person attending the pop up shop!Yay!

*Photos by Fanja Ralison.


Laëtitia of Mamzelle Titoo interview

Laëtitia and I share many interests and like similar things: the seaside, music, skateboarding, baking, mid-century collectables, we both are big fans of Studio Ghibli productions and so on...  the list is long.
She's a sweet and caring person and that reflects in her work: the little characters in her ceramics always put a smile on my face.

Who are you?
My name is Laëtitia, I live in France in a seaside town, I am mother of two children. I love drawing, cooking and exploring nature with my family.
I created "Mamzelle Titoo" three years ago, I'm working at home but whenever I can I love to spend time outside riding my bike and taking photos.
Describe yourself in 3 words
Dreamer, curious, collector.
As a child you were?
A dreamer,  I spent a lot of time on my swing, with my cat named Winnie. I loved  to draw and play with my cardboard doll house that my sister had built for me. I think I was not very different from how I am now.  
When you wake up in the morning...?
My days start with hugs from my children and a cup of tea.
When you go to sleep...?
I always drink an herbal tea before I go to sleep. I check if my children are sleeping well, sometimes I watch a film with my husband or I draw.
I also like to read before I fall asleep and I like to feel my cat sleeping near my feet.
I think about what I have to do the next day and most of the time I take note to not forget anything.
Usually my days are quite busy and I admit that I’m very happy to go to sleep!
What inspire you?
I love animals, they inspire me a lot.
I'm also inspired by everything around me. Inspiration comes at any time of  the day, while walking on the beach, listening to music, looking at photos, playing with my kids ... 
I have a lot of small notebooks in which I note and draw everything.
I am also inspired by other people’s ‘universes’ like Hayao Miyazaki's ‘universe’ ... Have you ever dreamt of bump into Totoro?... I do! 
Your home is?
My home is the place where I love to be and where I spend most of my time because it’s also my workplace. 
I collect all the things I love. I like to make my home cosy and enjoyable for the whole family.
We live in a small house, our living room is on the first floor and from the window we see trees,
it give us the impression of living in a tree-house!  Very soothing.
I love to spend time in my kitchen: cooking, reading or drinking tea with family, friends and my neighbours...
Your working space is?
A bazaar most of the time!  It’s small but full of light, I feel good in it: there are my plants, my record player (I always work listening to music) and my cats.
How do you relax?
I like to knit, drinking an herbal tea while watching Miss Marple…like an old lady!  Or I go for a walk, or to swim in the sea, even if it’s cold.
What's your dream?
I dream of having a tea shop and workshop in which I can organize exhibitions, sales, creative workshop and concerts. 
The oddest or funny thing you ever did?
Sleeping under the stars on a dolmen with friends when I was a teenager, disturbing and funny, but so cool!
Thank you Laëtitia.

Laëtitia's ceramics and postcards will be at knots collective pop up shop.

Mamzelle Titoo


Séverine of IwishIwasacatfish interview

To me, Séverine is a maverick and whatever she does, she does it in style. 
Her crafts are impeccable. I've "met" her through her previous blog (SC) and we became friends straight away, sometimes even accomplices (here and here). 
Needless to say how much I love her sense of humour.

Who are you? 
I'm Séverine, french born, living in Montreal with my husband and our ten years old girl. 
Describe yourself in 3 words
Woman, dark hair, 5'7".
As a child you were?
Playing outside, climbing trees, skateboarding. Reading a lot, amazed by my father's dark room and crafting a lot already.
When you wake up in the morning...?
I make some coffee, I see if my daughter sleeps well,  I feed the cat, not always in that order.
When you go to sleep...?
I'm happy, I love this moment. 
What inspires you?
Things around me, people, city, music, movies, nature, books.
Your home is?
A condo in Le Plateau, Montreal 
Tell me about your working space
Very nomad at the moment.
How do you relax?
Walking randomly, listening music, drinking good wine, sleeping or doing nothing, reading... many ways.
You admire?
Intelligence, sense of humour, perseverance, creativity...
Best place you have ever been?
Desert shores wherever they are 
Best food you ever tasted?
Mediterranean, especially chicken with olives from my mother.
What's your dream? 
An endless road trip  
The oddest or funny thing you ever did? 
To cross the ocean with my house in boxes... odd and funny at the same time. 

Thank you Séverine.

Séverine will contribute to the pop up shop with her dream catchers and leather crafts. 



*Photos by Séverine, except n1 and n2 by GL.



I'm working on the things for the pop up shop. 
And I'm sorting the vintage items.
Tomorrow another interview.


Ana Maraž interview

Ana, was one the first persons I became friends with through blogging. It all started thanks to a little Dala horse I found in a thrift shop.
I've been following Ana since the early days of 'la casita': her progress as a young artist, her doubts and successes as a student and the way she sees her surrounding and daily life. It's a pleasure any time I visit her blog, her space is as calm and intriguing as I perceive her and I'm glad she accepted to contribute to 'Knots Collective'.

Who are you?
I’ve been asking myself the same question a lot lately. :)
Describe yourself in 3 words
Daydreaming, caring, loud.
As a child you were?
Constantly singing. :)
When you go to sleep...?
I usually go later than I wanted to and I need a lot of time before I fall asleep. Probably because of all my thoughts, which I can’t seem to quiet down.
What inspires you?
Life I guess, people, good books, small things, sentences, emotions… and hard work as well.
Home is?
Still in the making.
The current apartment is nice and comfortable but I can’t wait to move.Tell me about your working space
Very cold in winter and very hot in summer but I like it regardless.

You admire?
People who are satisfied with their way of life that are making their dreams come true.
And a long list of artists as well… :)Favourite things?
Art, books, hugs and laughter.
Best place you have ever been?
In my boyfriend’s arms. :) If that sounds too sweet... then: Helsinki, London, Florence (not in that specific order though, it’s hard to pick just one place).
What's your dream?
To always live fully.
Thank you Ana!
You can find Ana's prints and original artworks at Knots Collective Pop Up Shop. 

Ana Maraž website

*All photos by Ana except her portrait by Ivana Cunja