Ana Maraž interview

Ana, was one the first persons I became friends with through blogging. It all started thanks to a little Dala horse I found in a thrift shop.
I've been following Ana since the early days of 'la casita': her progress as a young artist, her doubts and successes as a student and the way she sees her surrounding and daily life. It's a pleasure any time I visit her blog, her space is as calm and intriguing as I perceive her and I'm glad she accepted to contribute to 'Knots Collective'.

Who are you?
I’ve been asking myself the same question a lot lately. :)
Describe yourself in 3 words
Daydreaming, caring, loud.
As a child you were?
Constantly singing. :)
When you go to sleep...?
I usually go later than I wanted to and I need a lot of time before I fall asleep. Probably because of all my thoughts, which I can’t seem to quiet down.
What inspires you?
Life I guess, people, good books, small things, sentences, emotions… and hard work as well.
Home is?
Still in the making.
The current apartment is nice and comfortable but I can’t wait to move.Tell me about your working space
Very cold in winter and very hot in summer but I like it regardless.

You admire?
People who are satisfied with their way of life that are making their dreams come true.
And a long list of artists as well… :)Favourite things?
Art, books, hugs and laughter.
Best place you have ever been?
In my boyfriend’s arms. :) If that sounds too sweet... then: Helsinki, London, Florence (not in that specific order though, it’s hard to pick just one place).
What's your dream?
To always live fully.
Thank you Ana!
You can find Ana's prints and original artworks at Knots Collective Pop Up Shop. 

Ana Maraž website

*All photos by Ana except her portrait by Ivana Cunja


Paravent said...

What a lovely interview! Great answers and I love Ana's drawings too :) Kx

melski said...

what fabulous red hair! lovely art too

Hermine - Journal de jours said...

It's so so nice to meet everyone who is joining Knots-collective !

KERRY said...

Another great interview - and another person’s work I am a big fan of - this shop is going to be the best!

Anita said...

Simply wonderful! It's fun getting to know about all these great people!

matilda said...

Just love Ana's work and she's also a very nice person.
And congratulations for your project Alessandra!
Great job.

Alma Boheme said...

Thanks for this great interview and wonderful introduction , loved it!