Laëtitia of Mamzelle Titoo interview

Laëtitia and I share many interests and like similar things: the seaside, music, skateboarding, baking, mid-century collectables, we both are big fans of Studio Ghibli productions and so on...  the list is long.
She's a sweet and caring person and that reflects in her work: the little characters in her ceramics always put a smile on my face.

Who are you?
My name is Laëtitia, I live in France in a seaside town, I am mother of two children. I love drawing, cooking and exploring nature with my family.
I created "Mamzelle Titoo" three years ago, I'm working at home but whenever I can I love to spend time outside riding my bike and taking photos.
Describe yourself in 3 words
Dreamer, curious, collector.
As a child you were?
A dreamer,  I spent a lot of time on my swing, with my cat named Winnie. I loved  to draw and play with my cardboard doll house that my sister had built for me. I think I was not very different from how I am now.  
When you wake up in the morning...?
My days start with hugs from my children and a cup of tea.
When you go to sleep...?
I always drink an herbal tea before I go to sleep. I check if my children are sleeping well, sometimes I watch a film with my husband or I draw.
I also like to read before I fall asleep and I like to feel my cat sleeping near my feet.
I think about what I have to do the next day and most of the time I take note to not forget anything.
Usually my days are quite busy and I admit that I’m very happy to go to sleep!
What inspire you?
I love animals, they inspire me a lot.
I'm also inspired by everything around me. Inspiration comes at any time of  the day, while walking on the beach, listening to music, looking at photos, playing with my kids ... 
I have a lot of small notebooks in which I note and draw everything.
I am also inspired by other people’s ‘universes’ like Hayao Miyazaki's ‘universe’ ... Have you ever dreamt of bump into Totoro?... I do! 
Your home is?
My home is the place where I love to be and where I spend most of my time because it’s also my workplace. 
I collect all the things I love. I like to make my home cosy and enjoyable for the whole family.
We live in a small house, our living room is on the first floor and from the window we see trees,
it give us the impression of living in a tree-house!  Very soothing.
I love to spend time in my kitchen: cooking, reading or drinking tea with family, friends and my neighbours...
Your working space is?
A bazaar most of the time!  It’s small but full of light, I feel good in it: there are my plants, my record player (I always work listening to music) and my cats.
How do you relax?
I like to knit, drinking an herbal tea while watching Miss Marple…like an old lady!  Or I go for a walk, or to swim in the sea, even if it’s cold.
What's your dream?
I dream of having a tea shop and workshop in which I can organize exhibitions, sales, creative workshop and concerts. 
The oddest or funny thing you ever did?
Sleeping under the stars on a dolmen with friends when I was a teenager, disturbing and funny, but so cool!
Thank you Laëtitia.

Laëtitia's ceramics and postcards will be at knots collective pop up shop.

Mamzelle Titoo


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Oh what a wonderful interview! Thank-you for sharing this interesting artist with us!

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Loving these interviews Alessandra :) Another great one. I'm off to explore Laetitia's site now :) Kx

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So inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

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I love Laetitia's work and am lucky enough to own a pair of her little cups.. My son's love to have juice from them. Congrats Laetitia - wonderful interview. xx

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Thanks for sharing the interview. I love reading about creative people. This is my first time in this blog and I hope to visit again ! Your blog is very inspirational.
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