Séverine of IwishIwasacatfish interview

To me, Séverine is a maverick and whatever she does, she does it in style. 
Her crafts are impeccable. I've "met" her through her previous blog (SC) and we became friends straight away, sometimes even accomplices (here and here). 
Needless to say how much I love her sense of humour.

Who are you? 
I'm Séverine, french born, living in Montreal with my husband and our ten years old girl. 
Describe yourself in 3 words
Woman, dark hair, 5'7".
As a child you were?
Playing outside, climbing trees, skateboarding. Reading a lot, amazed by my father's dark room and crafting a lot already.
When you wake up in the morning...?
I make some coffee, I see if my daughter sleeps well,  I feed the cat, not always in that order.
When you go to sleep...?
I'm happy, I love this moment. 
What inspires you?
Things around me, people, city, music, movies, nature, books.
Your home is?
A condo in Le Plateau, Montreal 
Tell me about your working space
Very nomad at the moment.
How do you relax?
Walking randomly, listening music, drinking good wine, sleeping or doing nothing, reading... many ways.
You admire?
Intelligence, sense of humour, perseverance, creativity...
Best place you have ever been?
Desert shores wherever they are 
Best food you ever tasted?
Mediterranean, especially chicken with olives from my mother.
What's your dream? 
An endless road trip  
The oddest or funny thing you ever did? 
To cross the ocean with my house in boxes... odd and funny at the same time. 

Thank you Séverine.

Séverine will contribute to the pop up shop with her dream catchers and leather crafts. 



*Photos by Séverine, except n1 and n2 by GL.


C SATHAL said...

C'est super les filles !!
Quel bon moment passé à lire Séverine aux travers toi Alessandra !
Je me hâte de voir toutes les pièces dans le pop up shop !
Bravo, bises

alessandra said...

Merci C.! x

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fanja said...

Séverine is magnificient, love her!

Unknown said...

Love her work, amazing post!!


alessandra said...

Thank you Christelle and Mariela!x

MamaCami said...

chouette portrait d'une chouette nana! ...j'ai du retard dans mes lectures :-)