the Curator Cafe and Store

One of the highlights of our camping adventure in 
South Devon was to discover this gem of cafeteria: 
The Curator Cafe and Store.
It went like this: we were in Totnes and I was shopping 
in a shop that sells a good selection of vintage findings 
and new home wares. I bought a basket, a couple of 
hand thrown ceramic mugs made by a local ceramist 
and another enamel teapot, when I spotted on the other 
side of the road a couple of rails with vintage clothing. 
I grabbed a beautiful 1950's coat from the rail  and went 
inside the shop to try it, only to discover that it was a cafeteria. 
Not only that, the "barista" was speaking Italian! 
The coat was too big for me, unfortunately, but I had 
the pleasure to meet Catherine of Stock Modern Vintage 
and Anita bought a lovely little yellow bag. 
I called my husband (who was outside probably thinking 
"oh no here we go shopping again!") and told him that I 
thought we'd have a perfect espresso here! ;-)
The Cafe is a combination of great coffee, simple Italian food, 
collected memorabilia and a fine  selection of 
men's clothes and accessories.
The guys who run the bar are Matteo and Luca, 
two Italian brothers also known as the ItalianFoodHeroes
who support Italian genuine products and excellent food. 
Their coffee comes from an Italian "torrefazione", 
which wood roasts the beans, the biscuits come from the 
Marche region, produced by a family run bakery 
(I was pleased to see they only use three ingredients for 
their biscotti "brutti ma buoni-ugly but good": eggs white, 
almond and sugar. These days when you check biscuits 
ingredients you are mostly certain to find a long list of dodgy stuff). 
The bread and focaccia come from il Vulcano 
(another Italian food hero to me) and so on, everything is simple 
and genuine, such rare qualities to find these days.
If you ever find yourself nearby Totnes go and try for yourself! 
Now I'm off to taste the blend of coffee and the biscuits I bought from them.

The independent coffee republic of Totnes 


naa said...

oh what a lovely find!
I also love the subway tiles they have... Ram and I are seriously thinking about putting them in our future kitchen... idea goes on and off we will see what we'll decide, it's a long way there...
enjoy your coffee dear!***

fanja said...

how nice to bump into places like this when you travel x

alessandra said...

Ana, yes, the subway tiles are cool looking. I didn't mention that the chairs are all Eames too!

Fanja, indeed! x

www.finelittleday.com said...

I'm enjoying your summer photos Alessandra.
Can I ask you where got your gorgeous black sandals in the last post?

(Thanks for your words over at my place)

Delphine said...

your photos are great... i miss Devon!!

alessandra said...

Hi Elisabeth, sure, they are Sun-San Saltwater sandals check their website to see who stock them in Sweden. I bought mine in a shop near were I live. They are great because you can use it in the water too ( that' s the purpose).
(Your post touched me too!). x

adctd2shindig said...

We went there today. We had a lovely 'share' anti-pasto and two coffees each. Mmmm. Asked for a home-made cake, but sadly they had sold out. Better luck next time. I shall go back there, just a shame it is so tiny ... <3