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The first time I met Andrea he was doing an aerial with his skateboard on one of the first Italian half-pipes near Milan, we were young teenager then and we shared the same passion: skateboarding. More than 20 years later we found out that we share the same passion for design and crafts and so now we are collaborating on a project (will show you about soon).
Also Andrea, keeps skateboarding (and surfing and snowboarding with the same energy of a 14 years old) I don't any more...but I wasn't a poser! ;^)

Who are you?
My name is Andrea Paulicelli I'm a designer and a creative director my studio is mamadesignlab based in Milano Italy.
Describe yourself in three words
friendly, passionate, tenacious.
As a child you were?
cute…. as you can see in the image….
I didn't play much, but I loved to build useful and useless objects using recycled materials.

When you wake up in the morning...? 
Caffe', shower, music, bicycle. Always trying to think something positive
When you go to sleep...? 
Usually around 1am ,5am... no routine. I try to live the moment so it's always in a different way…
What inspire you?  
Everyday life experience spontaneously and unexpectedly.
Your home is?
Small, empty, sunny, cosy, warm.
Your working space is?
big, crowded, dark, sometimes unfriendly, cold.

How do you relax?
skateboarding, surfing when is possible, listening jazz, playing saxophone.
You admire?
people that are able to follow a dream without loosing the link with the reality
Favourite things?
Best place you have ever been?
Sri Lanka.
Best food you have ever tasted? 
Fried tofu in Kyoto.
What's your dream? 
Stop dreaming and wake up…. :)
The oddest or funny thing you ever did?

Thank you Andrea.

At the pop up shop not only you'll find the product of our collaboration,and Fontable designs, you will also find Andrea in person!


S. said...

quelle belle énergie ! :)

fanja said...

nice skateboard pics, looking forward to meeting Andrea x