Cinzia Ruggieri of Tictoctac interview

I like the stories Cinzia tells in her prints, I can somehow sense the Sicilian roots we have in common.

Who are you?
I’m Cinzia, Italian. I live under a volcano in a seaside town, with my husband, son and daughter. 
I draw and write stories. I travel a lot especially with my imagination.
Tictoctac is one of my trips from which to send postcards to tell about some of the stories I come across every day. 
Describe yourself in 3 words.
Dreamer, curious, quiet.
As a child you were? 
I was very quiet, often reading. Sometimes acting, singing and dancing with my brother. Creating dramatic and adventurous stories, wearing some of my mother’s old clothes.
I loved to listen to adults telling stories about themselves and their lives.
When you wake up in the morning?
I start my day very early with one hour of home gym or running, then a shower and a good breakfast: a pleasure recently conquered since the children are grown.
When you go to sleep?
Normally I’m very tired and often I fall asleep on the couch.
What inspire you? 
My dreams, details of everyday life and work.
Your home is? 
A place shared with my family, often busy. A place to be with others, where we eat together and chat. 
Your working space is? 
A quiet space hidden in a garden, in my grandparents old home,with big windows, so full of light and silence. I worked for many years at home, so now is really fantastic to have this place where I feel totally in my own world.
How do you relax?
By taking long walks, listening to music and…ironing!
You admire?
Good people.
Favourite things?
Art, travelling, good food with friends and dancing.
Best place you have ever been?
Faro, part of the Island of Gotland, Sweden and London.
Best food you have ever tasted? 
Hard question for an Italian…but, a part of my food, I loved a vegetarian thai food eaten in Amsterdam.
What is your dream?
Long trips, months and months, aimlessly, just for the pleasure of living in different places.
The oddest or funny thing you ever did?
I participated to a dancing marathon in a hotel, in Tarnov, Poland. My husband and I lasted very little but it was really fun and everything seemed so surreal.
Thank you Cinzia.

Cinzia will contribute with Tictoctac prints and postcards at the Knots Collective pop up shop.

Tictoctac Limited Editions

*All photos by Cinzia Ruggieri



Kickcan & Conkers said...

Oh yes! I love Cinzia's work, it's so nice to finally see her and learn more about her life. I am very lucky to have some of Cinzia's prints at home, they are beautiful - I really hope they sell well at the pop-up store!

Lilli said...

Just managed to read your latest interview before leaving for a little trip. With every one, the creative level rises and my thoughts are all over the place. In a good way, that is.

Hello Cinzia, nice to meet you. Your work and the space you have created; absolutely wonderful. (I know 'wonderful' and 'beautiful' are much used words, but I do mean it :)


cinzia ruggieri said...

thank you all,you are wonderful!

Kaylovesvintage said...

hi Cinzia nice to meet you.
love your home and work.
you make me miss Italy