Renilde De Peuter of At Swim-Two-Birds interview

It doesn't happen every day to meet someone to whom you feel a deep connection.
Renilde is one of those persons that make me feel that way, when I met her in person I had the impression that I always knew her.
She's one great person and artist, enjoy the interview!

Who are you?
Hello, I’m Renilde. I live and work in Antwerp and crafting is my greatest passion.
I’m also a collector; as I collected insects as a child, I’m collecting now with the same
ardour all kind of stuff, mainly from the thrift store and charity shops.
Three words to describe yourself:
I’m an absent-minded, daydreaming homebody
As a child you were?
Doing the same things as I do now, only I do not roller skate, climb trees and make
shooting bows any more
I used to be a real tomboy, I hunged my bra in the walnut tree because it bothered while playing
and at the same time I was a very girlish crafter, fantasizing about my dowry and my future husband and walking on mum’s high heels.
When do you wake up in the morning…?
I’m very slowly and I like having my pyjamas on for a while, drinking tea, relaxing. 
When you go to sleep...?
I love to crawl in bed when the sheets are freshly washed, bliss.

Your home is? 
The most important thing for me, it has to be bright and cosy and inviting to create.
I love to cook and invite friends to come and have dinner, I feel at my best in small
groups with quietly rippling conversations and good food&music.

Tell me about your working space.
My working space is my living room, I also work in the kitchen and the bedroom serves
as storage; it is filled with yarns and fabric and a loom, I have another loom in the
living room, so my place is messy but cosy messy, I like that.
I need this cosiness to be creative, it’s also quiet here, very important.
I’ve always dreamed of a place like that where I live now, so I’m very lucky and grateful.

What inspire you?
I think the stuff that’s in my head is my greatest inspiration; it can be both images or
stories or a dream, sometimes I’m inspired by a phrase or even a single word.
I’m inspired by history, memories, nature, the sunlight, the cosmos… actually by
everything around me.
I’m addicted to pretty things too.

How do you relax?
Crochet and going to the movies are top of my list of most relaxing things, but when I
need an energy boost, then laughing is the most effective.
I love to watch desperate housewives after a day of work.
You admire?
People who get the best out of anything. I admire inspiring and talented people.
And wisdom and tolerance.
Favourite things?
I love cacti and succulents and woods and trees, I love the smell of the poplar on rainy
days, I love fossils and dino’s, even when they’re plastic, I love reading history and
secret hideaways.
I love art and books and cats.
I love to see how my plants grow
I love the morning light and in the evening when the dust and small insects reflect the
I love the sea and the sequoia tree.
I love taking pictures and laughter.
I love high heels and pretty dresses, I love the sun&moon and my yellow skirt and
vanilla ice cream.
I love flowers and ikebana and lovely vases.
And also flea markets and charity shops and funny people etc…. etc…
Best place you have ever been?
I love being in the woods when the mushrooms are growing and everything is quiet.
Best food you have ever tasted?
I love Mediterranean food
What's your dream?
to make a living of my creative work and make fun the whole day, but I fear this is a
rather childish desire.
Actually I long for peace of mind.

Thank you Renilde.
Renilde will contribute to Knots Collective Pop Up Shop with her textiles and mobiles 

At Swim-Two-Birds

*All photos by Renilde De Peuter


karin said...

her home and work is very inspiring.

Patrice A. said...

I love, LOVE her work
own one of her potholders
and am a fan of her embroidery,
her home and all she shows on her
beautiful, beautiful blog
and you
you have met her!

wishing you a fine weekend
Patrice A.

at swim-two-birds said...

I have just come home, what a surprise :^)
thank you alessandra!

alessandra said...

Patrice A. yes lucky duck am I ;)
thanks and to you.

Renilde, thank you! :)

fanja said...

what a nice way to finish the week.
Renilde's words and photographs are very soothing. and that last pic is amazing.
thanks Alessandra, happy weekend!

alessandra said...

Hi Fanja, indeed, I thought the same! Happy weekend to you too x

Delphine said...

i love what this person is making! very soothing and inspiring! :)

Lee said...

beautiful soothing post ! love it, can look at it over and over.

Louve said...

I love Renilde's work, so happy to read her interview ! thank you Alessandra have a lovely weekend ! ^.^

Evie said...

oh so lovley. im a big fan of renilde, her work and beautiful blog. loved this interview too!

Alicia said...

thank you for the interview! I love her work.

Ariane Reichardt said...

I'm really impressed
by you
Thank you very.