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Hello all,
I'm back from London, the pop up shop is over and surely 
I can say that it has been a learning curve for me 
(and for my daughter too...).
It was great to finally meet some of my readers and bloggers, 
to hear your feedback and words of support and most of
 all it was great to see all these beautiful objects, I selected for
 the occasion, under one concrete roof! 
Surely a good kick for me to organise another pop up next year.
I'd like to thanks all the people who support me and this project
 but most of all my daughter Anita (age 7) which was a real 
darling and made us (parents) really proud surprising us with 
her ability to run the cafeteria!
Also a big hug and thank you to Jo for being such a wonderful 
helper and for making me the happy owner of one of her pileas
A big thank you for all of you who made it despite the beautiful 
sunny day on Saturday and the heavy rain on Sunday! and to 
all of you that couldn't make it but sent me messages, emails, 
linked, talked, posted about it and so on : THANKS!!!

Many of you asked me if I have the intention to do a pop up on line,
I will.
Watch this space.

Head to my Flickr to see pics of the pop up, I'll add even more soon. 
I also put loads on Instagram find me as AT_KNOTS.

*the title of this post was taken from the latest issue of 
Frankie magazine I've got from Elisabeth, thanks Elisabeth! 
*the fuzzy pic below is on Instagram.



Laëtitia said...

Bravo Alessandra ! et bravo Anita ! :-D
Thank you again xxx

bellefleurdelis said...

little pretty cosy pop up shop!

Hannah said...

I am new reader so just wanted to say glad it all went well!

morgane said...

terriblement triste de ne pas être venue... sure you understand... a big big kiss and congratulations, ça avait l'air merveilleux... !

Marie said...

Thank you to you and Fanja for being so welcoming and friendly. For me this really made for a lovely experience at your beautiful pop up. I hope you do it again! Marie

Bichos da Matos said...

Wonderful! And your new blue could is so bright:-)

Bohemian girl said...

I have been reading about the preparations and I am sorry I could not be there. I am sure it was a cool day and a great success.

Bichos da Matos said...

I mean cloud, of course:)

C SATHAL said...

J'ai vu toutes les photos , ça avait l'air vraiment génial !! Bravo à toute la petite équipe !!

mieke willems said...

saw the photos from fanja and you on flickr! looked very nice! wish i would have been there!! glad to hear it went good!

hannna said...

Wonderful project! Happy for you that you made it all happen, well done! Now I'll head to flickr to see more.

Laurence said...

Very sorry to have missed it - a sick daughter derailed my plans. I've been reading your blog, and followed all the interviews and was looking forward to it. Sigh!

alessandra said...

Thank you all! x

alessandra said...

Laurence, sorry to hear that, hope your little one feels much better by now :)

Camila Faria said...

That's amazing! I'm happy it all went well. Your work is amazing!

jana said...

troppo troppo bello tutto. mi sarebbe veramente piaciuto vederlo di persona! tante cose meravigliose messe insieme con amore, e poi lo spazio, la luce...sono contenta che sia andato bene.

kristina - no penny for them said...

it sounds just beautiful, and i'm sorry i'm too far away to have come and seen it for myself!

Kaylovesvintage said...

the shop looked amazing
next year I will come and I miss London