I did a bit of DIY lately,  I finally put a light above the table 
with a long cable and a bare silver bulb light, 
why on earth the constructors put two lights in one side
of the room and none on the other it's a mystery to me.
It's practical because it's not heavy also it's simple.
I like simplicity.

The cushion and the mobile are from At swim-Two-Birds.


the days on instagram

Argh! yes a collage here too! 
I promise I won't over do it.

1-2-3 'Synonym' journal: on my desktop; opening page; with my breakfast.
4 le chat waiting for her destiny ( to finish it or not? to make more or not?)
5 my good coffee, lemon and poppy seed cake (recipe from here but with variations)
6 disappearing

Have a fine weekend

update: these images are from my old instagram you'll find them on my flickr



Sunday, rain, at home. 

The table half set for lunch.



I've been working on new necklaces
they are shorter, on wire and they close with a clasp.
I like that some are asymmetric.


to catch a dream

The magical dream-catchers made by 
Séverine Boumati Laforge 
following the Native Americans tradition and twisting 
it in a modern leather version are now in my web-shop.

Check out her new stylish range of leather goods on request: SBL
Her e-shop will be opening soon. 

Update: the white dream catchers were sold out yesterday, 

they are available to pre-order just send me an email. 
Thank you 


kettle's yard

This place gives me such a sense of peace, beauty and tranquillity. 
Everything in there is so powerful, the objects seems alive.
I've been twice this weekend and that's because they are more relaxed 
about taking pictures (before it wasn't allowed).
I have a new camera (my first DSLR), I've chosen a Nikon. 
I only want to use it in manual mode but I have to learn how to use it. 
Being lazy, I tend not to read the instruction manual and so I got 
stuck for ages wondering where the various functions are, it took 
me a while to realise that the diaphragm command was an anonymous  
washer ( is that the correct name in English?). 
Anyway I guess the best way to learn is to use it. 
My first attempts were taken in that wonderful house so excuse 
the quality of the images.
Have a nice beginning of the week.

More on my Flickr.

Kettle's Yard


even if I'm silent

I've been updating the shop, although there are still more items to be added.
Today snail mail: I've received the beautiful book from Hermine
The garland is from Mi-avril.
The shawl is in the shop.