the days on instagram

Argh! yes a collage here too! 
I promise I won't over do it.

1-2-3 'Synonym' journal: on my desktop; opening page; with my breakfast.
4 le chat waiting for her destiny ( to finish it or not? to make more or not?)
5 my good coffee, lemon and poppy seed cake (recipe from here but with variations)
6 disappearing

Have a fine weekend

update: these images are from my old instagram you'll find them on my flickr


Nova Melina said...

The cat is just perfect! You should absolutely finnish that one and make more! :)

Lollipop said...

+ i love your mosaïcs

anlomar said...

Just lovely!
Very nice pics.

Edieliv said...

ooh what variations did you make to the recipe? that was the cake i made as e's first birthday cake and i felt it could have been more moist...it was a bit 'grainy' - maybe too much ground almonds?? xx

alessandra said...

Thank Nova Melina, Lollipop and anlomar!

silver, I skip the almonds, I use organic brown flour, I put 2 eggs instead of 4, I add 3 spoons of white plain yoghurt and I don't do the drizzle and put less sugar in the lemon syrup ( let's say 4 spoons and the juice of 2 lemons) that makes the cake very moist and JO should learn from me! ;^)

mathilda said...

mmm , I think I'm gonna cook today...