end of november

Last week I had to go up North to see a specialist dentist.
I've been in pain for three months now and finally I can see a 
bit of light at (hopefully) the end of this tunnel.
I brought with me my camera but it was easy (being sedate 
and in pain and very tired) to snap few pics with my mobile.
The highlight of my short trip was that I went to visit a dear 
friend after I haven't seen her for almost five years. I lived in 
York, which is a very nice town, but being a new mum and 
with not much family around I had a bit of a rough time then. 
I felt quite alone but, I was lucky enough to meet this friend
 which I always regarded as a fine example of mother: 
she's has the courage to be against the grain, 
she's quite unconventional and not conformist but wise indeed, 
a bit crazy too, her daughters are the most clever and 
interesting teenagers I know. In the end my dental problems
 turned on a positive note.

I will have an Advent Calendar GiveAway for each Sunday until Christmas,

 I'm also taking part of  a couple more AC in other blogs.
I'll tell you more when the time comes.

First GiveAway here this Sunday 1 of December

Have a nice weekend!

All images on Instagram (first collage M. home, second collage out and about).


making her advent calendar

I put everything into small paper bags, add some tags then
 all the 24 little parcels will go in a basket.
I like to keep things simple.

A mouse shaped soap, a puppy paw' stamp, silver ink, 
a pencil sharpener,  silver chocolate coins, a star box, 
a pencil with the tables, washi tape, English roses candies,
 a red heart, a little house, a silver A, a flying pink pig, 
ceramic letters for her name, a case with stars, 
three sugar mice, an old ruler.


shop (little) update

Few items added in my web-shop.

peacock cushion from At Swim-Two- Birds

cloud hook from Fontable
winter socks from Knots 

my socks at MAV


Olive and Lottie

My crochet dolls are back in the shop.
These two are called Olive and Lottie,
 they went to college in Cambridge (hence the little satchels) 
and they are very well mannered.
Hopefully they will find new homes soon.
See more of my dolls here.
Also available made to order.


I really don't know clouds at all

The clouds are back in my webshop, 


Kids Room, a lovely Danish blog


A song 


little people socks

A peep on a collection of socks for kids.
Super soft and in sweet colours.



Few of  the little things that will go on her advent calendar
sweet little parcels from Nouschine and Sons.
Enjoy the weekend.





This week starts like this.

The socks and the pink clouds will be in my shop soon.