red is sneaking around the house

Yesterday a friend came to visit with her daughters, they brought us roses. 
All my friends are so busy that sometimes months go by before we see 
each other again.
Last Saturday I went to London and had a nice walk in Marylebone
I like that area because although is high street, it doesn't feel much like it .  
Another reason why I like that area is because  I'm a Sherlock Holmes' fan 
and so I had a stroll around Baker Street, trying to imagine how it looked 
at the time of the famous detective; even if he's a fiction character, I like
 the books so much that to me almost existed in real life. 
That's the power of words and books.
I went  browsing at Margaret Howell, the only thing I could afford there 
was a book I bought for Anita! they wrapped it nicely for me. 
The book was first published in the fifties and it's about the importance of words. 
That will go under the Christmas tree, along with other books.
I then went to Liberty and to the Cloth house and bought few fabrics.

Now, about the snow in my blog: yes, I know I have snow! I put it there 

Do you like it? would you like to add it in your blog too? here you go! (just look for the post in my page).

PS: you still have time to enter the giveaway until this Friday.



WSAKE said...

liberty is the best, isn´t it? i LOVE their designs... and your wintery pictures:)

elisa said...

Thank you Alessandra for the snow tip! It's cold outside and now even on blogs.
Your photos have always beautiful and real colours (and your mugs too).
Happy December, Alessadra.

S. said...

jolie ambiance de fêtes,
bises Alessandra x

Maria said...

I love your snow and those yours roses and such a lovely packets
ps i still have in my kicthen paper roses which you have made ...

alessandra said...

Thank you all, happy December to you too.
Maria, oh nice! x

naa said...

oh red here as well... :) For me it truly needs to be present around the christmas time... :)
I love your web snowflakes, I've been panning to ask you how to do it... :) Now I have to try on my blog as well because here we only have rain...
Hugs to you*

bellefleurdelis said...

i like the snow ❅ ❅ ❅ ❅ ❅

a happy december month ✽

wood & wool stool said...

pretty red & i love the tiny snow flakes too :)

hannna said...

beautiful here, as always... i have the same mug, i got it for my birthday and use it almost every day.

happy december days to you!

Anna Emilia said...

It was fun to see the snow here, as it snows also outside (and is very cold, yesterday morning even -20°C). Time to take all the carpets outdoors to get some fresh air (my tradition is to clean them with snow and then dust the snow away from them and afterwards to call my mother to let her know that the carpets are outside with me, as she wove them all).

Sweet all the details, Alessandra!

Warm clothes on, have a happy day!

karin said...

I like very much the first photo.

artycho said...

Love your space dearly! Beautiful pics and creations!

alessandra said...

Ana, it has been raining a lot here too. Sure, a bit of pretend snow cheers up!
Hanna, that shade of pink is my fav. I just can't keep away from that colour, it's such a positive colours.
Anna Emilia, -20 is something I never experienced! How nice to have such "tradition" to put up your carpet outside to clean them and then let your mum know. How special must be to have carpets woven by her!
Happy December to you all, thank you x

Lina | dasmaedchenmitdenlocken said...

The red looks great with the light colours. The blue and white chrochet coaster is beautiful!

LiBellein said...

I like the snow...thank you!
It slows me down in that time of trouble.

Nath said...

Love the dotty fabric.... Is that cloth house? Can't have Christmas without a little built of red ;)

P R I M O E Z A said...

love these little snippets. such pretty details.

Janis said...

Coming to your blog I get my dose of design and color perfection. The snow is a sweet touch too.

Wish I could trip around London with you! XO

Fräuleinwunder said...

let it snow let it snow let it snow .) i love it.

M¨L said...

Trop beau !! Et ces libertys .... hum! :-)

I am the girl of 100 lists said...

I spy some Liberty Mitsi print in your pile of fabrics. I love, love, love Mitsi!
Hope that you enjoyed your time in London last weekend. It was lovely to see your photos popping up on Instagram.
P.S. The snow is really sweet.

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Books are really special, aren't they? As much as I love movies, they could never ever take the place of the printed word.
And I love it whenever I visit a place that I'd priorly read about in a great novel!

Also, you have my dream mug:) I've been lusting after it too for weeks now. Is it as good as I think it is?

alessandra said...

Thank you all!
I'm the girl of 1oo lists, yes, I love Liberty fabric!:)
Blue eyed night owl, indeed, books move your imagination in a way movies will never do ( though I love cinema and watch movies too). The mug is well worth it, I've been wanted for such long time that I couldn't resist last time I saw it. It's my favourite mug, the shade of pink is perfection! Treat yourself and go for it!