with paper

Sorry for the late post, I've been out and about all day.
This is a picture I took today with my mobile
(some of you already saw it on Instagram).
I don't know the author of the sculpture book,
 beautiful work isn't it?

The winner of this first give-away is number 14 :  

congratulations to Patrice A.!
Please send me an email with your address.

Thank you all for playing along, don't forget there will be more give-aways,
next one will be this Sunday, 3 prizes for one winner.


Patrice A. said...



I will send an email

Patrice A.

C SATHAL said...

Les livres évidemment les plus magiques, lorsque j'étais enfant, étaient ceux qui déployaient du relief en les ouvrant. Je passais beaucoup de temps, à regarder dans chaque recoin du décor ! Ce livre là, m'aurait sans doute rendu folle de joie à son observation, il est magnifique, et me fait dire que je peux être encore une enfant :) Merci

naa said...

waw, amazing!!!

Mendruga said...


march hare said...

Thank you for your lovely blog - I've not commented before, but I read regularly and am inspired. That's a wonderful sculpted book! Is it on display somewhere.

x, harebells

matilda said...

bellissimo libro, la favola che puoi toccare.

Gongrats Patrice!!!!

alessandra said...

CSathal, I think that when somethng it is magical it simply struck some cords. I have no doubt that the kids in you is still very much alive, a big hug from England x

Hello all, thank you!

daysfalllikeleaves said...

I made this sculpture!

So glad you like it, I like your blog too, some very nice photography.

alessandra said...

Oh hello daysfalllikeleaves! thank you. I will surely link to your blog in my next post! Wonderful paper sculptures.