still and quiet

Less than a week to Christmas, this year seems such a big deal, 
it's A enthusiasm that is contagious.
She's been looking forward to it since August. 
It's not about the presents she received, she's reasonable, her requests to Santa are modest.
it's more about the time we spend together with her and the sweets and cakes we eat.
And the expectations to open the presents of course.
I always been reluctant to celebrate Christmas, 
especially after my mum died of cancer 14 years ago, the 31 of December. 
The last Christmas we had together was terrible. 
I stopped celebrating it altogether until A was born, 
never really done much until this year, she's more conscious of it I think.
I'm re-discovering Christmas through the eyes of a child.
 Ours it's mainly a DIY Christmas,  no frenzy, no stress, no worries.


ps: do not forget to play the give-away still on until this Friday.


Anna said...

Living Christmas near children always it's special filled of illusion and enthusiasm! I wish you a merry Christmas maybe with a new feelings and perception.

Anonymous said...

looking and celebrating Christmas
through the eyes of a kid
is the best thing to do
and I love your DIY
like shown in that first image
so, so beautiful!

I wish you a merry Christmas
and sparkling days, dear you!
and yesterday
the beautiful cards arrived

thank you!

Patrice A.

Janis said...

I admire your strength and will to reinvent the holiday season for dear Anita. Your in my thoughts. X

naa said...

it is so nice to read this... I mean I know how you felt about Christmas and I find it really sweet that Anita made it so special again...***
lovely decorations dear...

alessandra said...

Thank you dear ladies! a hug to you all x

at swim-two-birds said...

I'm so happy for you that you've found the strength to transform Christmas Time again to something very beautiful and intimate, something to be treasured.
I think you have a very sweet daughter :)
Happy Holidays to you and yours.

C SATHAL said...

Plein de chaleur et de bonheur à toi et Alessandra !
Passez une heureuse et paisible fin d'année !

artycho said...

A child can be such a good remedy! Still I can imagine Christmas being a time of mixed emotions for you.

anlomar said...

Wonderful pics! So lovely ♥

P R I M O E Z A said...

that's lovely alessandra. christmas isn't a big thing in our house anymore but i do remember how much fun it is when you're young. nice that you can enjoy it again too.

Minna said...

I don´t like Christmas but I try my best because kids loves it.
I understand you, I hear you.
I just decorated the tree with my boys and they were so happy, so I try my best.

alessandra said...

Thank you Minna, Primo, Anlomar, Articho, Celine and Renilde: Magic Christmas to you too <3

IRINA said...

i love your blog, is fantastic!!!!
YOur gloves are amazing!!!