It was nice to decorate the tree today.
I'm trying to teach her to be patient, although she proves my patience a lot. 
I don't know who of the two really learnt something. 
But today she (might) understood that less is more (decoration wise) 
and I understood that definitely more is less (more talking, less understanding).
Sometimes you just need to be the example.

The second give-away is on until this Friday.


S. said...

très joli, et je suis du même avis pour la décoration,
xx, S.

Paravent said...

It is just beautiful Alessandra! The best tree I've seen. Wish I could talk my little one into the same ;) Kx

alessandra said...

Merci Severine, I know you are ;)

Kylie, thank you :) Not easy, I try to balance. I do what my mum did to me. I let her have fun making stuff (we made the stars and she made a ball with paillettes)then we have "endless" discussions on what goes and what not...I try to surprise her too with fun stuff, that amuses her and don't hurt the eyes, like the flying pigs. Then I (sneakily) buy Italian balls during my trips to Italy that are shimmering and sparkling without being ugly. She get taken by surprise and asks me when and where I bought it (since we are always together in her mind) and I tell her the story, she get entertained and so on...I guess I trick her a lot! ;) But the result is that in the end she loved it and sung me all the xmas carols repertoire she knows! I'm a strong believer that children need boundaries, even decorating wise! You teach them.

Patrice A. said...

sweet mom!
and I just LOVE that flying pig!

my kids (almost 15 and 12) really want a real tree this year, with lights and all
I am a less is more person
and have been 'building' Christmas-tree-kind-of-things the last years
although they like what I make and how we celebrate I understand their wish
so I will buy a tree
and decorate it a bit like you do

I keep my fingers crossed
for your beautiful socks
I entered my name at v's Advent Calendar
and otherwise I will order some!

Patrice A.


Love your christmas tree pictures, so delicate! /maria

at swim-two-birds said...

wow, the photos are atmospheric, love the pig :))

Janis said...

I enjoy hearing about your teaching methods (above). I agree, children need boundaries and guidance. A good balance... you seem like a wise mama! XX

Love your tree!

Anonymous said...

the fotos have a magic christmas atmosphere :)
this little pig is so cute!

Bichos da Matos said...

We put a shark on the top of our tree, Artur seems to like it :-)

erika said...

Really nice, we still don't have a tree ;-)