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I couldn't escape the bugs A. brought from school...

I wish you all a healthy, abundant, meaningful (and happy) New Year.

*a little DIY for miss A. from here via pinterest
*the title suggested by A. for this post is "new year surprise bugs" :-)



merry christmas!

eucalyptus: great look, wonderful aroma.


slowing down

Today I made a little garland with thyme and then we baked sables (French biscuits).
Hope you had a relaxed weekend.

*biscuits stamps Caroline Gomez


last shop update of 2013

Some "new" items +  AT SWIM - TWO - BIRDS cushions and potholders.

Thank you.


advent calendar

December starts with purple skies, cold mornings and long nights.
This year Advent Calendar is a bit of a cheat, I didn't have time to find 
24 little things to wrap so I made up a story: each night a star brings 
a tiny present and a little elf will look after it until morning.
That gives me the time to find the things that I want to give to her and 
the fun to make up stories together about the elf adventures to protect 
the little presents from the mischievous ninja gerbils!
Each evening I wrap something small and put it near her bedside.
It doesn't have to be anything expensive: little wooden toys bought 
at the market, stamps for her collection, wooden dice, washi tape, 
a colour wheel to understand the chemistry of colour mixing, 
a pencil, a little notebook and so. The choice is endless, 
it's all about the magic of the stories.

A simple advent calendar made in 2010 and the one made last year.

*wooden ☆ from Noushine and sons
*elf from aarikka Finland 


shop update

This is it, done! the shop is updated

To make sure all is made in time,

Sorry, I can only accept orders for the mouse house set in a box, 
the mini Xmas set and all custom orders until the 2nd of December.

Thank you!



It's been quite random here lately.
At times I reach a point where too many things come at me at once. 
Then is when I stop and start to prioritize, I don't "panic", 
I say no to certain things, yes to others. 
Decisions need to be taken carefully, thought over and then worked out. 
There will be few changes in the next year...anyway,
 I'm diverging from what this post was supposed to be:
shop update------->tomorrow

*with some vintage, hot-pads and the mouse house set in a box*


mouse house xmas set

The Xmas set is available in the web-shop.
The box set can be pre-ordered, just send me a message
or it will be available in the shop next week.
Today it was sunny and I took some pictures.
There's one here too.
Yule a board of festive inspirations

* 24/11 update: I'm working on orders and I wasn't able to do a 
shop update this week, if you see something you like to purchase 
but not yet available through my Bigcartel shop please contact me. 
The mouse house box set will be ready to order next week. Thank you.


new mouse house set

A new set for the mouse house, this one doesn't need a house,
 in fact, it comes in a sweet wooden box.
The Xmas props for your dolls house can be bought separately. 
I'll show you what's inside the linen bag sometimes next week 
(more than you see on the images below).

All available to purchase in my web-shop from next week.


Thank you Xenia for your precious advice and suggestions!



With darkness approaching I like to add colours around the home.
They help me to overcome the winter blues.
I do like yellow.


A cushion made with this pattern.

Have a nice beginning of the week!


shop update

I added few wool items in the shop.
I wish you a nice weekend and happy school holidays to the little ones.


this weather makes me sleepy

I made a new version of the baby pillow. 
This one has a different shape from the previous ones
It's made of linen and has very simple features. 
It is designed for children, keeping in mind those with 
sleeping problems like my daughter 
(that is why I had the idea to make a cloud pillow for her, 
when she was 2 years old). 
Despite the huge selection you have out there nowadays, 
I've decided to take a big breath and keep making  my cloud pillows.
It makes me happy when friends and costumers tell me that 
the cloud pillow they bought from me is still much loved and travels 
everywhere they go, as they are great for travelling too!

I'd like to seize the opportunity to tell you that all I make is made solely by me,  
with great care and attention to details. 
I have accumulated (in 30+ years of sewing, knitting and crochet + all those 
others things I've learnt in art school and in the school of life) 
the skills to give you a professionally finished product. 
I choose only the finest materials, sourced in UK or Europe.
I like to emphasize that I don't belong to the category of makers and 
designers that have their stuff made in India or other countries where 
labour costs pennies, letting you know very little about their ethics and 
the people that work for them.
All I make is made in small batches and I define it slow design 
since each item require many hours to be completed. 
Hope you understand the pricing and if you do your maths you'll see 
I don't make a huge margin as opposed to those who have their blankets, 
dolls or products made in one of the ways above mentioned.

Thank you,


( PS: I'm back on Instagram:  atknots )


more for little knots

Not much to say, a lot to do.

Greetings from rainy England :)

Thank you for your orders and support


I'm still here

The little collection is growing, hopefully by next week will be in my shop.
I like soft and muted colours, those you find in nature.

Have a nice weekend.


little knots

A mini collection of hand knitted wool things for the little ones coming soon in the shop.
Some peeps below.


Le ballon rouge


autumn leaves

A walk in the park in the crisp autumn air, 
the trees let the leaves go,
they dance in the wind, 
autumn has come.


 Fern in the shop


on the first cold of the season

recovering from a bad cold, doing some 'selfish' knitting.
will I ever finish the socks? this pattern require a lot of concentration.
The weather is unusually warm for this time of the year in this part 
of the world, however, last winter was so cold and long that I'm getting 
ready knitting a very warm pullover and long socks.


Very interesting point of view of the designer Margaret Howell 

*the little handy table is from by Spielplatz



Fern is almost ready, hope she'll find a good home


Progress on the hexagons blanket



New hot-pads, mouse house sets and more soon ready for knots


 Helen and Julien


hexagons + interview

I'm currently "obsessed" with hexagons, it's a good thing because 
I tend to be such a square.
Meditating over a blanket, wool everywhere in my little cluttered studio.
I wonder if it's an unconscious way to bring order into chaos. 


A little interview over at Cinzia Ruggieri.
Thank you Cinzia.

Have a fine Monday.