back + the winner of the fourth giveaway

Hello there, it's seems ages since my last post. 
I wish I could say we are back from Italy as we planned,
instead we are back from two weeks of flu, and it hit me 
really hard this time, so hard that we couldn't get on the plane.

Surely not a brilliant way to end a year (2012 has brought 
us many health concerns, flu aside) neither a great beginning, 
but I don't complaint, we are fine after all.
I started the year doing what it seems I like the best 
these days: de-cluttering! I feel overwhelmed and overpowered 
by the amount of stuff we/I tend to accumulate, most of it is 
there for the dust or to stay unworn forever forgotten in a draw 
or cupboard. From hoarder I'm becoming an almost minimalist! 
We also got rid of the TV, finally! We never had a TV before 
our daugther, then when I was expecting I wanted one. 
It feels such a relief without television! I started to read 
more books and listen to  music as I used to do. 
If we want to watch a film we have a subscription to those 
"rent a dvd on-line companies". Now, next to go it might be 
the sofa (which by the way is falling apart), but it seems 
I have to wait a bit before we took that step, some resistance at home.
On another note, my plants are doing fine, except for the
first one you see in the picture. I forgot the name and it seems 
that is shrinking, I tried to move it around the house, 
to give her more water, less water etc but nothing seems to work, 
it is alive but not kicking. any suggestions? 
do you know which plant is this?


Hannna (number 16), you are the winner of the fourth give-away!
 please, send me your address.
Thank you all for playing and for the good wishes!

Cheers to 2013
finger crossed it will be a nicer year.


Minna said...

Oh that´s sad, I know how it feels to be sick all the time -lousy. I hope year 2013 brings the sun shine back.
Re-cluttering that´s what we all need. I made my closets/cupboards organizing -too much stuff.

Anna said...

the middle plant it's my favourite!!
Nice light

alessandra said...

Thank you Minna, yes de-cluttering is good against winter blues too!

Anna, thanks, it's a succulent, quite an easy going plant, I barely water it!A glimpse of light that show very rarely these days!

Patrice A. said...

dear you,
I wish you and your family
a sparkling and healthy 2013!
I am no good with indoor plants
only outside in the garden


Patrice A.

Anonymous said...

cheers to 2013!
joy, good health, happy moments!

maybe the plant needs some vitamins
or something : )
hope it will get more alive soon!

Janis said...

I'm so glad your feeling better. The flu is so miserable. Baci!

Your plants look fabulous by the way - you just have a special way of arranging things that no matter what you do it looks great.

I'm hoping the new year is a better one too. Cheers! XO

naa said...

oh my... that flu must have been awful! Poor you... maybe this year you will all be healthy as a fish as a contrast to 2012...well at least I hope you will! :)
Welcome back... it's so nice to see your post...the photo is so calming...
Ram and I don't have tv, I miss it sometimes but not really that much... when I am around my friends I usually always see that there it's nothing good to see anyway... I mean on TV. :)

at swim-two-birds said...

I recognize that plant but don't know the name; maybe he's just in his winter blues, like many among us :)
wish you & the family lots of happiness, joy and health for 2013 :^)


Miss Fanchon said...

I'm pretty sure it's a ginseng but I don't really know how to tend to it. Mine is hibernating, it seems...
Wait till springtime comes!
And in the meantime try to say this very quickly: "Il est joli, mon ginseng!" :)

Delphine said...

de-growth of objects is bliss!
i remember when my tv died, it was wonderful. i had never lived without a tv before, and it was like i was finally free! :D

alessandra said...

Thank you all!
Evdokia yes that might be the case! perhaps vitamin D!
Renilde, indeed even plants might suffer the winter blues :)
Miss Fanchon, thank you I will check about it, how to take care of it. You made me laugh! I followed your advised and told the magic words! as a matter of fact I do it a lot with my pilea, perhaps the ginseng is just jealous! :D
Ana, yes tv is just a boring device invented to dull people's mind with mostly silly programs, it feeds a culture of superficiality. Basically a waste of precious time. Keep yourself tv free. My life is indeed improved without it.

silverpebble said...

I do hope the flu has made itself scarce now. We had it over Christmas too! Not fun. So sorry it ruined your journey. Happy New Year to you.

G said...

Do you feel much better now?
I hope you are doing fine.

I have some plants which they leafs fall if I water too much. I also have plants they miss sunshine so they look a bit blue now.
I also have some plants doing very good in the grey winter times,they grow are lot, look happy.

Unknown said...

je te souhaite une belle année 2013 Alessandra!


So sorry to hear about that :( Hope all is well.

Much love,


Louise said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you had the flu instead of Italy! That is rubbish. Hopefully it's got all the bad luck out of the way and , and you can have a better year, health-wise. x

Trula said...

Happy New Year Alessandra. Hope you are all recovered by now. To a wonderful 2013 which will see your originality and creativity continue to shine :)

Laëtitia said...

Lovely plants ! ^.^
No TV here also and it don't miss me at all.