winter stuff

It's quite cold and all look frozen outside, even people.
I wish I could  go on hibernation! instead, I'm baking, 
I made orange marmalade.  
I'm stitching a linen quilt, I'm making new stuff for knots and 
I'm knitting mittens.

We went to London and our friends took us to the new Unpackaged shop.

I think most of the groceries should be like that, 
unless they sell beautiful packaging made of cardboard, paper, glass and aluminium.

In one of these random pictures there's a corner of Anita's dolls house, 

as she says these days (for almost everything) "I wouldn't mind to... live in a house like that!". 
I made the mattresses to use either as a sofa or spares when 
all the lovely animals come to visit the little mouse that lives there.
I think after 4 years the house needs to be redecorate and modernised a bit.

snapshots around the house



Bichos da Matos said...

The doll house and your own house look so cosy and comfortable, perfect to hibernate :-) Take care and stay warm!beijos

Patrice A. said...

that place in the doll house
looks so fine and comfortable
I just LOVE
that tree print!

Janis said...

Great projects for hibernation. I'm impressed by all the creativity.

Hey, I have been fantasizing since the '90's about a shop where you bring your own containers. It's the way of the future (has to be) ... though I do really love a pretty tea tin for time to time :^)

alessandra said...

Bichos da Matos, thank you Catarina x

Janis, I wish that too! It's fun to shop there and it's actually even cheaper than buying the full packaged products!The creativity, is the only way to stay afloat I guess, thank you x

Patrice A., the print come from here: http://providencenews.wordpress.com/2012/04/22/the-tree-the-pillar-for-earthday-2012/

eau de nil said...

beautiful interior landscapes + quilt
but i agree with Anita, I wouldn't mind to live in a house like that, what a perfect sofa for an afternoon nap!
thank you for mentioning my little efforts too, Alessandra, it's been fun.


alessandra said...

eau de nil, thank you Xenia! x

Delphine said...

i love indoors-snapshot posts, and yours is really nice! i like looking at all the little details. your surroundings seem very calm and simple, it's appeasing.

alessandra said...

Thank you Delphine! Yes, I like simple and calm homes, I keep taking things away to just leave things I like or are usefuful, it feels liberating! :)

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't mind living in a space like this either ; )
lovely small decoration!
& the big ones too!
and what you bake sounds delicious!

Unknown said...

This mouse's house is so adorable!
I wouldn't mind spend a week-end in those cushions.